Friday, June 12, 2009

Show & Tell Friday for June 12

I had a lovely morning with my friend Lynne and so did not get a show & tell posted yet. For today, though, I decided to share some interesting prints from my fabric stash.

Here is the oldest one (in this group). I think my great-aunt gave me this. The print is vintage red and green, but is not in the least Christmasy. In fact, the motifs are rather summery.

This flocked daisy print was a remnant, I think, from something one of my daughters made. I love the fuzzy daisies.

I used this fabric for a cookbook cover one time, and made a neat hot mat from it more recently.

My daughter gave me this fabric with a French street scene. Sorry I got the fabric in the scanner a bit crooked. There is much more to the scene, but this gives you an idea.

This Alexander Henry print reminds me of the illustrations in Dick & Jane books. I purchased this at Keepsake Quilting.

This woodsy, wintry fabric is one I've had for a long time. Each little vignette (cabin, skis, deer, snowflakes, etc.) is framed in birch twigs. I hope to use this fabric in some way when we redo our living room.

This nifty soda pop-bottle print was one I recently found at a local thrift store. There's only a small amount of it, and I think I will eventually make some cloth napkins from it.

That is my simple Show & Tell for today. To see what others have shared for Show & Tell Friday, head on over to There is No Place Like Home.

Happy Show & Tell Friday!


  1. I love all your fabrics. The vintage one is so neat. Looks like you have some fun sewing ahead.

  2. You really have quite a diverse stack of fabric there! How fun...

  3. I love all your fabrics. I especially like the one that you used for a cookbook cover.


  4. I very much like your show and tell. I like the French street scene and the cabin/outdoorsy fabric. I think the pop bottles will make cute, fun napkins. Makes me want to look for fabric scraps. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It's so much fun to see someone else's fabric stash! Your prints are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. ~~Rhonda

  6. you have such lovely fabrics!

    thank you for sharing,

    lady m

  7. What a treat to see these. I like the Dick and Jane does remind me of those pictures!

    Wheat a neat idea to show your fabrics.

    You always inspire me to be creative!

    Love, Patty

  8. Wow, you have a fabric for any occassion. They can certainly come in handy.

  9. My favorite is the one with the kiddies from the 50s. The print reminds me of my old reading books!Loved this post!

  10. Wow, what a nice group of ladies is gathered around my kitchen table to see a small part of my fabric stash! Thanks for visiting and for leaving your sweet comments!

    Please stop by and visit anytime!

    God bless you all,


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