Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Teapot wall hanging

Many years ago, I made this cute teapot wall hanging from a kit. The kit was an applique FeltWorks design by Dimensions titled "Dear Friends Teapot". I see the kit has a 1995 copyright, so guess I must have made this about 15 years ago.

I saved the pattern because I thought perhaps I would make another teapot hanging one day.

But I didn't, until recently. I wanted to make one of these for a friend who loves all things to do with tea. I could re-use a few of the felt scraps from the original kit, but would need to buy more for the larger pattern pieces. Sadly, local stores no longer stock felt by the single piece or by color. I would have had to buy an assortment of colors, and none of the ones offered (earth tones or brights) were what I wanted. So I had to simply go with whatever colors I had on hand in my stash of felt. It took awhile, but I finally did pull together some colors I thought would work together.

Here's the result:

All of the buttons on this wall hanging are from my stash of vintage buttons. I think the pink and white ones may have come off a child's bathrobe.

I scrounged around in my craft room and even found some wire to use for the teapot handle!

I love the fact that this wall hanging was made completely of items I had on hand. I took this project along up north when we went on our getaway in May, and it was a perfect simple project to work on while sitting on the dock!

Someone asked me if these kits were still available. I did a little research and (at least as of a few months ago) there were some of these listed on eBay. So if you are interested in making a teapot wall hanging of your own, do an internet search and see what you can find!


  1. So cute!! Good job Mrs T.

  2. Thanks, Arlene! I am glad you like it. I wasn't sure about the colors, but I do like the way the finished project turned out.


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