Friday, April 01, 2011

No-Turn Omelet ~ a great "breakfast for dinner" recipe!

(Photo by Taste of Home)
If your family enjoys breakfast foods any time of day as mine does, you might like to try this old favorite recipe of ours: No-Turn Omelet. As written, this is an egg dish with cheese and sausage. But it is a very adaptable recipe.

I am not sure I have ever made this with sausage. I usually use either chopped ham or crumbled cooked bacon. I most often make this with shredded cheddar rather than the Velveeta®-type cheese that is specified. It would also be good with shredded Swiss cheese or maybe even Pepper Jack, I would think. Many similar recipes call for cubed bread or croutons, but this one calls for crushed saltine crackers, making it both easy and inexpensive. A meatless version is a possibility too -- one could add some chopped or sliced mushrooms in with the peppers and onions, maybe even chopped or shredded zucchini.

Hope your family enjoys this as much as we do!


  1. Sounds yummy! We take food to our Sunday School class and this sounds like a winner. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hope you and your Sunday School class enjoy this if you try it, Arlene!

  3. I haven't visited you blog in a while. It's just been too busy and I am really happy it is because the stuff we're busy with means that maybe we'll be in our home this summer :)

    This sounds like a good cassarole to bring to our Sunrise Breakfast on Resurrection Day. I've been looking for recipes for this already... can you see I'm ready for spring?

    Love ya
    Mrs. D

  4. Mrs.D,

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit! Seems like we only got to chat for a minute at church today.

    Yes, this would be a good breakfast casserole for the sunrise breakfast. I will probably do a different one, so feel free to bring this one if you like! I'm hoping to post a few recipes (or links to previous posts) for Easter breakfast in the coming week. We will see how far I get with that plan!



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