Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Robin's egg blue

We knew there were birds building a nest in one of the eaves of our garage, but only found out last weekend for sure that they are robins. The mother robin has been sitting on the eggs since then. Mr. T and our granddaughters set up a stepladder while the mother was off the nest temporarily and got the great pictures of the beautiful robins' eggs.

One of my granddaughters got this photo of the mother bird from quite a distance. She (the mother robin) is a bit skittish.

And one more picture of the eggs.

The large white object to the right is a large old-fashioned Christmas tree bulb. (We have these strung under the eaves of our garage.)


  1. You and your camera take the best pictures! Love the color of Miz Robin's eggs.

    Your Rhubarb Cheesecake looks yummy, too! Wish I lived closer....;)

    Have a blessed week!


  2. Thanks, Cheryl! I can't take credit for this photo... my hubby took this one. (Although, since he and I are one, I guess maybe I could take credit for it!)

    I too wish you lived closer. I just found a couple more rhubarb recipes to try and will post about them when I do.

    You have a wonderful week, too!

  3. Beautiful! Robin eggs are such a beautiful shade of blue. We have had several nests built on the building where I work but one of them was destroyed by a storm. The others are too high up for me to see well but I think there were 3 robin's nests & one mourning dove nest. And one baby rabbit has been roaming around, too :-)

  4. Wow! Spring has sprung around your workplace, Mary Ann! We also have a phoebe nest but unfortunately it is atop one of the light fixtures inside our garage. Leaving the doors closed didn't keep them out... we have a gap under one door and a broken window in the door as well. They just hopped under the door or flew through the open window. Sigh...The phoebes make such a mess. They used to build in the eaves like the robins. Don't know if the robins beat them to it this year, or what!


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