Saturday, July 09, 2011

My summer hutch, 2011

Every summer I like to display some of my many strawberry-themed items on the dining room hutch. I also like to have seashore-themed items on at least one shelf of my hutch. I've had a busy week and asked my 10-year-old granddaughter to take the following pictures.

Here is the bottom shelf. There is family heirloom ironstone ware, a set of strawberry votive holders (with honeydew candles), a lovely strawberry pitcher, a covered strawberry candle holder, and a summer-themed tag and fun ATC crafted by my friend J. Oh, and a little Kitchen Fresh vintage cookbook.

Here is the middle shelf. It features a pretty oversized teacup, a crocheted green strawberry, a McCoy strawberry teapot and salt & pepper set, a jam pot and a pretty card featuring a strawberry teapot.

And the next to top shelf. It has shells, painted sand dollars, a cake dome filled with sea glass and shells with an "Oceanside" tag, a pretty card, an ocean-themed candle lamp, and a 1970 ferry schedule for PEI.
The very top shelf stayed the same with a Proverbs 31 sampler and 2 "tea for one" teapot sets in summery flowery motifs.

And that is a peek at my summer hutch!


  1. I love to see your hutch all decorated for the seasons Mrs T. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am glad you enjoy it, Arlene!!! I have so much fun deciding what to put on the hutch for each season. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love to see your decorating too.In fact now when I see strawberry themed things I always think of you.Your craft ideas always look like fun too.Your granddaughters must love this special time with you.They are memories they will always remember.

  4. Nikki,

    Thanks for stopping by!! I am so thrilled to hear that you like seeing my decorating! Your comment just made my day. That's so neat that you think of me when you see strawberry themed things. (A really neat thing is that even with all of the strawberry themed items out there, I don't have any two alike.)

    It encourages me to think that the girls will always remember this time. These two are at such fun ages and are very capable. It's so encouraging to me to see how much they enjoy crafting, cooking, even hospitality. A true blessing from the Lord!

  5. I LOVE this blog! That hutch is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do. Yes, your family and friends will never forget the impact the Lord has made from your life. - darlinghill girl

  6. Good morning!!!!

    It is so nice to see you here this morning! I am glad that you've enjoyed seeing the hutch and that you are enjoying the blog so much. I enjoy your posts as well, even though I don't always have time to comment. Lord willing, we are going high speed this week and off dial-up at last!

    If you would like to hear the story of how I acquired this beautiful hutch, you can go to my Christmas blog and search for the post "My Christmas Hutch".

    Thanks so much for stopping by my kitchen table -- and have a wonderful day!!


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