Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Goals for this week

Scanned from a favorite note card
Our visiting family leaves early tomorrow morning, so I will be attempting to get back to some sort of normalcy in my goal setting.  Here are my hopes for the rest of this week:

*  Spend time in 1 Samuel Bible study
*  Add some information to Sunday School lesson 2
*  Make 2 pages for "What Do I Know About My God"?  notebook
*  Limit sugar
*  Keep up with crafting goals for birthdays and Christmas
*  Keep up a good water intake
*  Get to bed by 9:30 or 10 pm each night
*  Post regularly in one or both of my blogs
*  Keep up with Kelly's Missions for  Zone 2, the kitchen
* Do some serious planning and preparing for Christmas gifting and crafting
*  Replace all of our clothes in the drawers and closets (we had moved them to make room for our guests to unpack their own things)
*  Harvest basil before we get a frost and make basil butter and/or pesto
*  Clean up the garden
*  Make a daily time schedule for the things I need to do.

And here's how last week went:

*  Have a meaningful daily quiet time each day -- DONE!
*  Continue to plan carefully, yet remain flexible -- DONE!
*  Eat healthfully and get enough sleep -- did okay with this.
*  Keep up with basic homemaking needs so all will be comfortable and as orderly as possible -- did okay with this.
*  Make lots of unforgettable memories -- DONE!

And as for my specific goals:
*  Spend time in 1 Samuel Bible study -- not done
*  Make 2 pages for "What Do I Know About My God"?  notebook -- not done
*  Limit sugar -- so-so
*  Keep up with crafting goals for birthdays -- not done, although I did manage to make a mini super hero cape!
*  Exercise or walk as often as possible -- got quite a bit of exercise just with our activities this past week
*  Keep up a good water intake -- so-so
*  Get to bed by 9:30 or 10 pm each night -- not done
*  Post here about the ladies' retreat -- not done
*  Harvest basil; make pesto and basil butter -- not done
*  Make a daily time schedule for the things I need to do -- DONE!

I am encouraged that for the general, most important goals I set for my time during this visit, I did manage to achieve them.  As you can imagine, though,  I'm hoping for a more productive week this week and am also hoping to be busy enough not to miss our family too much as they head back to Nevada.   It's been a wonderful visit and many terrific memories have been made, but we all need now to get back to our regular lives and continue seeking to live each day to God's glory and praise.


  1. Hope you got that basil picked. Last night we had hard frost. I didn't cover anything in the garden even though there were lots of green tomatoes. I've put up about as many tomatoes as I want this year and had picked the rest of the green beans on Saturday. We've been harvesting kale right along, but that is frost hardy, so I don't need to pick it all right now.
    You won't know what to do with yourself when all the kids go home :(.

    Hope you're having a good day today.

  2. Think I'll go look at that basil right now. It didn't frost here last night, but nearly so -- 34ยบ. I bought some kale and am going to try those kale chips you mentioned on your blog!

    As for not knowing what to do with myself ... well, maybe so, but I have plenty to do to keep myself busy, so I'm thinking it won't be too bad. We have been so busy and active, all I really want to do is sleep for awhile! But it has been a great time and we are so thankful that they made the effort it took to make such a long trip with four little ones.

  3. Congrats on getting so much done with family visiting Mrs T. I have had Margaret for two days and I hate to say that I have not accomplished much!!

  4. I completely understand, Arlene! I am not much of a hands-on type of grandmother in that I seldom take care of children for entire days at a time. If I were, I would not accomplish much either. I didn't really feel I got much done in the way of household tasks, but did manage to keep up with cooking and some cleaning to keep things running fairly smoothly.

    And truly, the majority of goals that were met were the having fun and memory making type! I also didn't want to lose my quiet time in the midst of all the busyness, and God graciously allowed me that time on all but the very busiest days. I'm especially thankful for the time up at the lake. I was truly able to relax during that time.


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