Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ham and Bean Chowder

(Photo from Taste of Home)
With November nearly upon us and cold weather coming, it will be soup season for many of us.  Here is a recipe for a good soup I made last week:  Ham & Bean Chowder.  It's an older recipe from a back issue of Country Woman magazine.  In my opinion, this is one of the best uses for a leftover ham bone.  I am trying to clear out the freezer to make room for some Christmas baking (which I hope to start soon) and there was a ham bone in there, left from Easter.  It was from a spiral sliced ham and had very little meat left on it, but it still added good flavor and a little bit of meat to this yummy bean soup.  Give it a try next time you have a leftover ham bone.  If you enjoy bean soup, you will like this one.  I do cut down on the cheese, using about 3/4 cup or so, and it is still plenty flavorful.  I served this with cornbread, but you probably guessed that!

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