Thursday, January 29, 2015

A wintry getaway

The view from our room
 This past weekend Mr. T and I enjoyed an overnight getaway to Freeport, Maine.  The pictures I have aren't great; it was snowing Saturday morning and so everything looks white and blurry.  But I thought I would share a few of them anyway.  I'll just simply post pictures and caption them.
hotel that we stayed in

Building at far left is the cafe where we ate supper and then breakfast

A snowy scene

Wildlife display inside L.L. Bean

Model of L.L. Bean's original store

Carved sign in the hunting & fishing store

We loved this fireplace and cozy sitting area

Catalog covers through the years.  I could have spent quite a lot of time studying these, especially the wintry/Christmasy ones.
Hope you've enjoyed this simple picture post.  It's amazing how refreshing even 24 hours away can be!


  1. I love the photos Mrs T. Us Southerners love snow pictures!! I have always wanted to visit Freeport. It is on my Bucket List!!

  2. That is so interesting, Arlene!! Our getaway was so short, and it was snowing, so we did not get to explore Freeport very much. We had business to transact at L.L. Bean so that is where we spent our time on Saturday morning. It was sort of fun strolling about on their campus in the falling snow.


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