Saturday, January 17, 2015

Three cross stitched ornaments

This one is my favorite of the ones that I did.
 I actually finished these back in July, so that I could post about them over on my Christmas blog, Mrs. T's Christmas Kitchen.  During Christmas in July, I shared little tutorials on several ways to finish a cross stitch ornament.

But, because the one ornament keeps catching my eye as I walk by our still-decorated Christmas tree, and because I know there are people who visit here that don't always get to my Christmas blog,  I decided to just share the photos here.  If you are interested in the how-tos, please visit my Christmas blog.
How "Jingle Bells" looked before finishing.  I found a frame and was inspired to add the real jingle bells and bow.

Unfinished "Sleigh Ride"

Finished product.  This turned out too large for the tree so I hung it from a cupboard doorknob where it added some cheer.

"Silent Night" before finishing

Just a simple finish with glue, trim and cardboard, but it turned out quite nice.

Hope you've been inspired to make some ornaments, if you enjoy cross-stitch! It can be a quick and easy project if you use simple designs as I did.


  1. Love these pretty ornaments. I am working on a cross stitch for a wedding gift for my nephew who is getting married on March 28! Gotta get busy!

  2. I have a book of cross-stitch ornaments that I've always wanted to work through one year. This reminded me! Very sweet ornaments, Mrs. T!!!

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Arlene, I hope you will be able to post a photo (or scan) of your finished sampler. I'm sure it is beautiful as you do lovely work.

    Susan, are you going to try and make some of the cross-stitch ornaments from your book this year? I will be interested to see them!


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