Monday, January 26, 2015

Progress on the scrap afghan

The first row of the scrap afghan completed!
Just a quick post to share the progress on my scrap afghan.  This is one of those craft UFOs (un-finished objects) that I am hoping/planning to finish in 2015.  As I mentioned in a previous post, this is a project from Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book #9.  Every motif is edged in taupe yarn, and it takes 113 motifs to make the afghan.  The motifs are sewed together in strips of 12 or 13, and then the strips are assembled.

This weekend Mr. T and I were able to take an overnight getaway.  I took plenty of crafting along, but on the way there I just relaxed and enjoyed the trip and the scenery.  (Hopefully I'll find time to share a few photos from our getaway later -- maybe tomorrow.)

On the return trip, I did sew 13 of the finished motifs into a strip.   I don't have enough completed motifs to sew a second one yet -- think I have 4-5 of them done. 

The picture doesn't really do it justice; I hung it from push pins on a door so the whole length would be visible, but it made the afghan sort of droop.   No matter, you can see the colors and how the afghan is taking shape.  Hopefully I may have more to share next week concerning the afghan progress!


  1. Such pretty, bright colors! How nice that you and Mr. T had some time away this weekend! I always take things to do or read on getaways, but like you, I like to relax & enjoy the scenery on the drive. My husband laughs sometimes about how excited I am over something I see on a drive. I love God's handiwork! ;) I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures from the weekend.

  2. I am working feverishly on a cross stitch today. I need to get it to the framers so I can give it to my nephew for a wedding gift. I planned to work on it yesterday after church but like you, I just enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. I look forward to seeing your finished project!!

  3. Anonymous7:40 PM

    That is beautiful. :)

  4. I love it!! I love scrappy quilts and afghans! It's gonna be great!

  5. Thanks,ladies!

    It's a fun project to work on. I love color and it is fun deciding what colors to use in each hexagon. I have crocheted enough motifs now so that I can sew a second row together and attach it to the first one. I have several other projects going so my progress on this won't be fast. But if I work on it steadily I hope to complete it within the year. Thanks for stopping by to encourage me!


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