Friday, January 30, 2015

A cross-stitch UFO

Today I'm sharing my progress on one more UFO (un-finished object) on my crafting list.  This one is a hand towel with a band of [very floppy] evenweave fabric near the bottom for a border.  (After the fact -- way, way after the fact -- I noticed a helpful tip in the instructions, to spray the evenweave area with starch to make it firmer and thus easier to stitch on.  Too late now!) 

This was a cross stitch kit from Creative Circle, I believe, and was from someone else's crafting stash which I've inherited.  The kit contained 2 towels and I finished one of them.  I had thought they would be perfect in a relative's pale green bathroom, so took her one as a hostess gift when we visited one time.  She loved it but did say I didn't need to hurry finishing the second one, as that bathroom gets heavy use by her small children and she would probably wait and use the towels when the kids were older.  So as a result, I set the second towel aside with just the center rose stitched and it became a UFO.

In the meantime, I managed to use the same chart to stitch a rose design on pillowcases.  I used waste canvas to do this, and I hope I will have the good sense not to listen to myself if I ever get the notion to do something like this again.  It was, however, a good use of the chart.
pillowcases from the same chart
Now I've decided to finish this cross-stitch towel up and get one thing off my crafting list!  I've actually made decent progress since picking this up again in early January.


  1. The flowers are gorgeous! But I've never used waste canvas, like you did on the pillowcase, so I don't even know how easy/difficult it might be. Cross stitch was my first crafting love, and I have several projects going (as usual!). My biggest -or oldest, I should say - cross stitch project is an eagle with Isaiah 40:31. I've been stitching that one for well over a decade. It's become our family joke about Mom's tendency to start projects & not finish! So it's on my UFOS list to finish this year.

  2. Thanks, Susan! Yes, I hear you about the unfinished projects. I have several -- this towel; a scrap afghan; and -- the longest-standing UFO, a "Snow Angels" cross-stitch. I would have to say it is my biggest AND oldest UFO as it is quite large, with the design on 18-count Aida. I have been working on it off and on for about 7 years or so. My daughter gave me the kit because it brought back childhood memories, and it IS absolutely beautiful, but hasn't been the easiest cross-stitch I've ever worked on. Which no doubt explains my procrastination in finishing it!

    I have several other projects going too, mostly crochet, and some sewing projects I want/need to do. Plenty to keep me out of trouble.

    I'll look forward to hearing/seeing your progress on the eagle. I love that verse!


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