Friday, November 06, 2015

Recent simple crafting

Not a craft project, but a creative use of leaves by my 11-year old grandson.
Just a quick post to share some of my very simple recent craft projects.  I've made two more crocheted hot mats (to be used like trivets for hot dishes on the table) and also an embroidered flannel baby blanket.

In the picture at top, Sam was on our porch roof the other Saturday and decided it would be fun to decorate the dormer windows by hanging leaves on them.  I was busy preparing for a party at the time and did not get photos of his handiwork until the next day -- and not the best photos, at that.  Creative idea, though!

Here's the crocheted hot mat:
Both are exactly the same.  The ombre colorway is called "Freshly Pressed" and the outer color is called Rosemary.  And you can find the pattern here.  It is called "Scalloped Potholder" but to my mind it is way too thick to make a good potholder, so I leave off the hanging loop.  I'm nearly finished with another of these in a color called "Fruit Punch" with a lime green center and a "Blueberry" edge.

I've said it before, but I think this pattern may be slightly addictive.  And cotton yarn is so inexpensive, and they keep coming out with more and more colors!  I found one last night called "Blue Moon" and just had to pick it up as it will go with some solid colors which I already have.  These make terrific gifts.  I have yet to make any for myself, but I will!

And here is a partial shot of the blanket:
The tutorial for that is here: Personalized flannel baby blanket if you are interested in making some or seeing others I've made.  It's such a fun project and seems to be appreciated a lot by the recipients.  You can't really see the yellow print all that well, but it has whimsical little dogs, cats, bunnies and banners sprinkled all over it.  The blue in the print is a great match for the solid color side of the blanket.

 Much more crafting on the horizon, with Christmas approaching!


  1. Simple crafting is the NEST kind!!! Although your crochet doesn't qualify as simple in my book! OR the flannel blanket. Yeah, I think I will hang leaves in my window, too!!!! Beautiful work!

  2. I am obsessed with Polish Stars Mrs T. I have made two and plan to make a few more to give as gifts to friends. I love your crafts...that baby blanket is so cute and I love the name Easton.

  3. It will be here before we know it! Smart girl to be getting a head start. I like the leaf decorating, too. Off to check into the pattern...

  4. You are always so creative Mrs. T!! I LOVE seeing what you have made.

  5. Hi ladies!!! What fun to see four of you gathered around my kitchen table to see my simple craft efforts.

    Linda -- both projects actually are very simple. The crochet mat looks intricate but the stitches are easy and it's a small project, so ... I tend to keep one of these mats going most of the time and have it in a bag ready to grab as I go out the door. I don't have time to sit and crochet at home unless I am on the phone with someone and the call turns lengthy. And the blanket ... just straight stitching. I do make the corners curved because I think it looks softer.

    Arlene -- glad you enjoyed seeing the projects. Your Polish stars are amazing. Many years ago when my girls were younger I bought a kit from Hearthsong to make similar ornaments, only they were made from colored foil-like paper (which came with the kit). I think we made two or three before deciding the project was too difficult. I do still have the kit ... maybe I should get it out!

    Vee -- I wish I had gotten even *more* of a head start. I still have a number of handmade gifts to make. Hope you have fun with the pattern if you try it! Glad you like the leaf decorating, too.

    Nikki -- always a delight to see you here! Glad you enjoyed seeing the projects. I enjoyed seeing your fall decorating. It's an effort but so worth it!

  6. Your potholders/trivets are lovely! I love the pattern, and I would agree with you that they are a bit thick for pot holders. Your flannel blanket with the recipient's name on it is just precious! What a wonderful gift! I do not know how to knit or crochet. My grandmother tried to teach me when I was young, and I made a few things, but have never really tried to pick it up again. Your handiwork is lovely! And I think the leaves decorating the window are a great way to enjoy the beauty of them a bit longer! May the Lord bless your day today :)

  7. Hello!

    Glad you enjoyed seeing my simple crafting efforts. I don't know how to knit either. I was in my twenties before I learned to crochet, and my husband actually taught me. (He had learned as a child while home from school with some childhood illness or other.) I tried teaching myself to crochet, and when that attempt failed I sought help from a friend, but I still couldn't get it. That's when Mr.T spoke up and said he thought he could teach me. And he did! I've enjoyed crocheting ever since and I particularly like making small, useful items.

    Those flannel blankets are so fun and easy to make! Every mom I have given one to has enthused over them. They are just the right size for a nursing cover or for tossing over the baby's car seat. They work well for "tummy time" too. So they're a practical gift as well as unique.

    Thanks for your visit! Come back anytime ... I seldom post every day but there are loads of things in the archives that might interest you.


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