Thursday, August 04, 2016

Coastal getaway, part 2

Next up: our late afternoon and evening on Thursday.  After seeing all that we ate at the clambake, you can easily imagine that we didn't eat any supper!
In case you missed it...
After disembarking from the Bennie Alice, we walked back to the Harbour Towne Inn  and spent some time relaxing.  Mr T. and I had thought time on the dock sounded nice, but it was so hot out!  In addition, the Adirondack-type chairs on the dock were just a bit too relaxed for me.  One couldn't read, or do needlework -- the chair backs were too far back.  They looked as if they should be adjustable, but weren't.  I sat on the bottom step of the stairs for awhile to keep him company,  but eventually got just too warm.

View from the dock
More of the view from the dock
I retreated to the patio where it was much, much cooler.  My friend Lynne joined me there eventually and we spent the time chatting while she did a hand-sewing project and I crocheted (yes, another hot pad).
The ombre yarn is called "Ahoy".  Perfect for this trip!
This charming window filled with sea glass (it is epoxied onto the back) adds privacy to our patio.
This area is the patio for our room.
Our friends' patio had a pepper plant!
This fascinating vine is a passion flower!
The patio where Lynne and I were sitting.  Picture me in the tall chair at left and Lynne in the other chair.
Also on our patio
I just had to share this because the green plant is the exact shade of green as in the pillow.
Later we went for a walk across the iconic footbridge and admired the many beautiful flowers in various plantings along the way.

I don't ordinarily care for hostas, but they are pretty here.

We caught the footbridge at a rare unoccupied moment.
These stone planters are on property on the other end of the footbridge.
I loved the combination of colors!
We tried out lobster trap chairs.

After ice cream at Downeast Ice Cream Factory and a browse through some of the local shops,

we walked back to our bed and breakfast and settled in for a very good night's rest!

Part 3 to follow ...


  1. Very pretty pictures! Love the stone planter and all the plants and flowers. When it is hot at the coast, it is really hot! Sorry that there was not much relief. I feel the same way about Adirondack chairs...not the most comfortable, especially if they do not adjust...odd angles and too much pressure on the back.

  2. Thanks, Vee! Lots of these were taken with my Kindle, so I am very thankful they turned out as well as they did.

    Yes, so true -- you know it's really hot when it's hot at the coast. AC has never felt so good!

    I've sat in some Adirondack chairs that were quite comfy -- to the point of actually wishing to own some! But these were just as you described. Pretty, iconic -- but not the most comfy.

  3. Oh I loved my arm chair trip along with you Mrs T. I know what you mean about adirondack chairs...they are definitely for lounging in! I prefer a rocking I want to come back to the is so pretty.

  4. Arlene, I am so glad you enjoyed the armchair travel to Boothbay Harbor! Part 3 is up today, so check that one out.

    Hope you can make your way to New England again some time -- we would love to meet up for ice cream or seafood!


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