Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It's coming ...

(I'm glad I thought to scan this little leaf.  It soon curled up and I had to throw it away, but now I can always remember how pretty it was.)
Fall, that is!  The other morning on the way to the mailbox, I nearly stepped on this sweet little leaf.  And in many ways I am looking forward to fall, though I am trying to enjoy every moment of summer.

Summer in New England is breathtakingly beautiful.  Sparkling blue lakes beckon us. 
Squam Lake from West Rattlesnake
Kids at Wellington
Rustic bench at Wellington
Echo Lake
Lake Winnipesaukee
Newfound Lake from Little Sugarloaf
Trees are green and leafy -- so much so that visitors from the Western states often feel closed in and claustrophobic.  Skies are brilliant blue with puffy white clouds.  And flowers!  Everywhere there are flowers, growing wild or carefully planted, every color imaginable. 
Tiger Lily in our wildflower garden
At Sugar Hill Sampler in New Hampshire
Red bee balm
Unknown wildflowers on Cannon Mountain
A pansy in stone steps at Pittsburg
Backyard peonies
At The Wilds of New England
A closer look at the above
Deep orange marigold
A slightly different shade
More backyard marigolds
 Even though I am not much of a gardener and struggle to keep houseplants alive, I love flowers.  And so a New England summer, with its riotous blooms of every hue, just nourishes my soul. 

Then there are the farm stands with the glorious ripe tomatoes and incredible sweet corn.  I could go on and on.  Summer is amazing here.

But it's also HOT.  And it can be dreadfully humid.  We have had lots of that type of weather this summer.  I just don't enjoy extreme heat and humidity.  It goes without saying that we don't have air conditioning.  So -- although fall means winter will inevitably come -- I am looking forward to fall.   Even though more hot weather is in the forecast, the past couple of mornings have been cold and crisp.  Fall's coming!


  1. I loved your pictures. I too love summer, but not so much the heat. I live along the Gulf Coast of Florida and it has been hot!!! I love fall because of the more pleasant temperatures, but we don't get so much of those pretty leaves. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, Sandy! They are not all from this year, but the lake pictures, in particular, are some of my very favorite photos. I'll post more leaf photos as we get into fall.

  2. My youngest son recently gave a paper at Dartmouth and he was full of praise for the beauty of New Hampshire.

    1. Charles was in New Hampshire?! I wish I had known. We live just about an hour, maybe a tad more, from Dartmouth. I'm glad he enjoyed the beauty that is summer here. There is just nothing like it. I think I realized it even more than ever last year when our kids/grandkids visited from out West. Seeing it through their eyes made it more special, and this year I have truly appreciated summer.

    2. He was just there for two days Mrs T. We were so proud that he was invited to give a paper there. His wife is from CT and she hankers to move back up north. I am hoping we can persuade them to stay in Atlanta.:)

    3. Definitely a huge honor for him! You have every right to be proud.

      I don't think I could live in the south, myself. Well, obviously, I could live wherever the Lord might take me, but I just don't enjoy heat and humidity. Not that cold and snow are always fun, but they just seem more manageable.

  3. ...but not yet...not yet...

    Today was such a glorious day...perfection or nearly so. Loved seeing all the lakes photos and the flowers. I love lantana...such a cheerful flower with its multi-colors.

    1. Yes, I love lantana too. When I first saw it there at The Wilds I had no idea what it was -- just thought it was so unique and pretty. I had to ask a more knowledgeable friend what it was.

      Yesterday was gorgeous here ... cool and breezy, yet sunny. Great day for drying laundry. Today was warmer but not too humid.

  4. I've visited New England in the fall a few times. Heaven!! It is with faith that I am decorating for fall down here in Texas! We do not have your brilliant colors. Mostly brown here. Some yellow. Still, fall is my favorite season!!!

    1. What fun, Linda, that you have been able to visit New England in the fall. It's easily my favorite time of year.

  5. Beautiful photos, my friend. I so enjoyed seeing the pictures of the lake. When I lived in Canada we lived right by Lake Huron and spent many summers playing in the lake...such sweet memories!

    It's beginning to feel like fall here with colder temps in the mornings {38-degrees!} and changing colors on the trees.

    Wishing you a joyous day. Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie!! We are nestled in between the lakes and mountain regions of our state, so we have many favorite lakes we like to visit. What wonderful memories you have of Lake Huron!

      We're having colder mornings here too, but the days are still plenty warm.

      A joyous day to you too, my friend!


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