Friday, September 23, 2016

A sweet vintage birthday card

I love the colors in this pretty card.  I have never seen one like it and thought others might enjoy seeing it, too.

You can't really tell in the scan, but the card is intended to look like a piece of furniture ... a hutch or other open cabinet.  It is decorated with painted flowers at the top, and the backs of the shelves are painted a pretty sky blue.  It's surprising to me (though it probably shouldn't be, given how colors come into and out of fashion) how the colors look similar to some of my favorite fabrics and projects today.  They look quite up-to-date!

The decorative items on the shelves are so pretty!  It seems they are intended to look like milk glass.  This card appears to be unused, for there is no signature anywhere, but I can see my mother either buying or receiving this card, for she loved milk glass.  The items are embossed, making them look quite three-dimensional.  I love how the little leaves look so real as they tumble from the pitcher at the top.  My mother had a couple of those milk glass nesting hens, and she owned a plate and goblet similar in shape to those on the bottom shelf.   The plate is so pretty, I think. 

Hope you've enjoyed seeing this paper treasure today!


  1. Such a sweet card☺ Have a lovely weekend ♥

    1. Thanks, Summer! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the card. You have a nice weekend, as well!

  2. You're right! It looks pretty timely. Things are always coming around and back into style. You must love the idea that your mother picked up this card. I have enjoyed looking at cards that my mother and grandmother picked out and never used. Sometimes, I have even remedied that.

  3. I've done the very same, Vee! This particular card had no envelope with it. It is sort of neat thinking of my mom from a slightly different perspective as I come across things like this.


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