Tuesday, September 06, 2016

A late-summer adventure

My daughter Carrie took this photo.
This past Saturday we had the delightful adventure of a cruise on our state's largest lake in the company of four of our grandchildren and their parents.  What a lovely morning it was -- a perfect day to be out on the lake.  Mostly sunny, yet not too hot, with a nice breeze. 

I will share just a few photos and add captions.  As always, double click on any photo to enlarge it.
Josiah, Julia, and Sam watching the ship leave the dock.  That is my red and white striped shoulder.
Love the color of the water here.  Check out the architecture on those Victorian style homes in the background.

A very nautical-looking pose on a coil of rope.
Arielle enjoyed the trip and walked all over the ship holding a hand of a parent or grandparent.
Mr. T's old friend was the captain this day.  He invited him to bring the kids into the wheelhouse.  Here is Captain Josiah.
Sam at the wheel.  He learned that in 5 years, he could be old enough to be a deckhand.
And here is the lovely Captain Julia.
You will really need to enlarge this to see it, but in the very center of the photo (taken by Carrie) there is a very, very pale blue mountain.  It is Mt. Washington, fifty miles away!

Hope you've enjoyed cruising with us!


  1. You have lovely grands Mrs T...and I am sure that day will be stamped on their memories as they grow up!!

  2. Thanks, Arlene! I hope so! I love the idea of making memories that will stay with them. Mr. T and I are already thinking about the next adventure!

  3. Yessum, I surely did! The grands are so cute and I could tell that they were having a fun time. Fun to catch a glimpse of your shoulder, too! LOL! Beautiful photos of a beautiful lake with a fun name. =D

  4. Glad you enjoyed the cruise with us, Vee!

    Yes, these kids love adventures and yet are still thrilled with a simple picnic. They are delightful ... it's not my doing so I can say that!

    You probably know this but one of the meanings of Winnipesaukee is "Smile of the Great Spirit". I forget the other meaning -- maybe "place of beautiful waters" or something similar. It is indeed a beautiful lake. We are so blessed to live in this region.


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