Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lakeside retreat, part 2

On to part 2 of our lakeside getaway!  The above picture is not fancy (it was taken through the screen) but was so interesting, I thought.  A lone fisherman heads out into the misty, early morning on Umbagog Lake.  We took this early on Saturday morning.

I don't think we took any pictures on Friday.  During the night on Thursday, it started to rain and didn't really stop until Friday afternoon.  However, this was fine with us!  We really need rain here.  We had arranged to meet a friend for breakfast on Friday, but she called and changed the plan, saying she would prepare breakfast at her cabin.  Again, fine with us!  We enjoyed fruit, cinnamon rolls and delicious veggie and cheese omelets.  Then we spent the rest of the morning visiting on her enclosed porch and watching rain fall on her pond.  A wonderful time of fellowship!

On the way back to our cottage we stopped at a Family Dollar to pick up a few necessities.  After lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches back at the cottage, we relaxed thoroughly for the rest of the afternoon.  Mr. T actually took a nap!  Not just dozing in a chair as he frequently does, but actually lying down and sleeping soundly for a couple of hours.  I know he needed the rest.

While he napped, I worked on a variety of projects, mostly my scrapbook journal, which I had thought to bring along.
This is from a previous journal, but you get the idea.
I also did a bit of work on my Sunday School lesson and dipped into a couple of books I'd brought along, and worked on some felt food (future gifts for grandkids).  I also enjoyed a nice cup of tea, thanks to this handy tea wallet that my daughter made me several years ago.

 I use it when we travel to bring along a small selection of tea bags.

When Mr. T woke up, I prepared Zesty Chicken Cheese Soup, a favorite meal of ours for a getaway because all you do is open cans, heat the combination in a saucepan, and add cubed cheese.  So easy and it usually lasts us for two meals!  You can find the recipe here: simple meals for a getaway.  We enjoyed this simply with tortilla chips on the side and/or crumbled into the soup.

After supper we watched the Red Sox win and made an early night of it.

Since I have so little to tell about Friday, I'll add in Saturday morning here too.  We decided to go out for breakfast in Errol, one of the closest New Hampshire towns of any size.  After a nice breakfast of corned beef hash omelets, home fries, and raisin toast, we headed to L.L. Cote, an interesting store that caters to hunters, fishermen, snowmobilers -- really to outdoor interests of all kinds!  Think Cabela's on a somewhat smaller scale.  They also have a very nice selection of gifts.  One thing I wanted to find here was a birthday card for our 10-year-old grandson in Nevada.  Sure enough, we found the perfect card and were able to mail it right next door!
Some of the animals in L.L. Cote, the "Home of the White Moose"
Notice the turkey in the background, and the canoe on the wall
Another animal display
And there you have Friday, plus Saturday morning.

This pretty, misty lake photo was also taken on Saturday morning.
 I'll share Saturday's afternoon and evening activities in tomorrow's post.


  1. Love hearing about your getaway!! That soup sounds yummy.

  2. Thanks, Arlene! It was so restful and relaxing.

    You might think about that soup as a potential meal to serve at your little getaway home, this fall or winter. So easy!

  3. So good to escape into pleasant times and scenery. Must look up your recipe as it sounds delish and both delish and easy.

  4. So true, Vee. That's just what we were doing -- escaping into pleasant times and scenery. We needed that!

    Yes, do try the soup. We enjoy it so much. Perfect meal for a getaway. It would be a great meal to make while camping also.


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