Saturday, February 11, 2017

February Favorites from the archives

Photo from Baptist Bible Hour
Since my mind is a blank right now (too much gazing at the white and snowy landscape, no doubt), I am going to link to a few posts from the archives that might be of interest to someone today.  Quick and simple, but hopefully one or more of them will be just what some reader is looking for!

First, from 2006 (my first February as a blogger!), Entries from my Journal.   This was just thoughts and ideas from my journal, just as it said.  I was surprised by how it encouraged people!

A Winter Afternoon’s Excursion tells about a sleigh ride in 2007 when my daughter and son-in-law and little one visited here following several months of ministry in Antigua.  If you've been wanting to go on a sleigh ride, you can read about this one.  I was certain I had more photos, but can't find them even after a rigorous search of my older computer.

If you want a soup that will really warm you up in this frigid weather we've been having, take a look at this Cheeseburger Soup which I posted in February 2008.  This is a huge favorite in our family.
Photo from Taste of Home
In February 2009 I posted about The Completed Puzzle. This is a gorgeous White Mountain Puzzle given me by my dear friend J.  The image is the Fred Swan painting Walking to Town, one of my very favorite scenes.

If you are looking for a simple but very gratifying sewing project for winter, take a look at my Pillowcase Grocery Totes which I shared in 2010.

Speaking of gratification, if you need something warm and chocolate and you need it right away, this recipe for Chocolate Pudding for One, which I posted about in 2011, will change your life.
Photo from Taste of Home
Have a stash of vintage hankies you don't know what to do with?  Here's some inspiration from 2012: Teatime Table Runners.  I had loads of fun making these.
Lastly, a random post from 2013 -- Random Thoughts, Links, and Recipes.  I love reading other bloggers' random posts, and it seems that many others do as well.  So if you like random, this one's for you.

So there you have it ... a few February favorites which may make for interesting (if not riveting😊) reading on a snowy day.


  1. You have been blogging forever! I thought everyone said goodbye in their tenth year...I've been planning to. 🙂 Figured that I was talked out.

    Okay, there is so much here that I want to chat about from sleigh rides to cheeseburger soup. I gave my grands the gift of a sleighride for their January birthdays...they'll be going soon. The soup looks delicious!

    1. Hi Vee!

      Nope, I didn't say goodbye to blogging in my tenth year. I have no plans to quit anytime soon. I do see this as part of God's purpose for me and so I will move forward until He shows me it's time to quit. I doubt you are talked out, yourself. I'm pretty sure I'm not. And you can always come up with more fun posts like "whose kitchen is it?".

      I'm so glad you finally did decide to just give the boys the gift of a sleighride. Will you post pictures when they go?

      The soup is good and has been a real family favorite over the years. Very comforting. Hope you enjoy the soup if you try it!

  2. Enjoyed your collection of posts from years gone by, always nice to look back and remember! That cheeseburger soup looks so good and much like one I like to make too. And sleigh rides are so much fun to go on. My husband and I took one a couple of years ago on V-Day, it was such a delight. Hugs to you today!

    1. Thanks, Marilyn! I might do a post like this every month, if I remember to do so.

      Cheeseburger Soup ... yes, so delicious and comforting. I have a recipe for dilly rolls that we often used to serve alongside.

      A Valentine's sleigh ride ... how romantic! That was a lovely way to celebrate.

      We're having a big snowstorm here today. Just started an hour or so ago but we canceled church due to the forecast. It's a different kind of Sunday, but good!

  3. Love your post, as I always do! Planning to show my youngest the sewing project ideas and I am tempted to head to the kitchen to try the pudding... I can see where it would be life changing! :D

  4. Oh, do try the pudding, Mrs. Smith, and let me know what you think! We're in the midst of a serious winter storm here -- snow is falling steadily -- and chocolate pudding is sounding good to me. Since it's Sunday and my hubby is home (he'll be likely working tomorrow, blizzard or no blizzard), I would need to make it Chocolate Pudding for Two!

    Hope you enjoy the sewing project ideas! At long last I have an email started for you .... hopefully can send it in the next few days.


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