Friday, January 04, 2019

Friday five for January 4

Gorgeous collage by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
Here it is Friday again ... so I will share my first Friday five for this new year of 2019.  Here goes!

1.  A good group of friends and some family to help long-time friends of ours move into their new home here in New Hampshire, last Saturday.  It was good to see folks come together to help!
This delightful graphic is also by Little Birdie Blessings
2.  The opportunity to get together at my daughter's home with out-of-state extended family that we seldom see.  It was such an enjoyable time as we shared cocoa, clementines and Christmas cookies!
Playing "ride away to Boston" in tandem at the girls' request
3.  Opening our gifts from the Nevada family via Skype on Monday night.  My, my, what a creative group they are!  It was fun for them to be able to see our reactions!  The evergreen tree to the left of the Cat loader is made of grandchildren's hand prints.  The snow on the ground is fingerprints, and the snowman is a print of a 3-year-old's foot!

A photo is not going to do my apron justice, as it is decorated with dozens of tiny people, animals, and other creative figures all made from fingerprints with Sharpie details.  I think I am going to have to scan parts of it to really show how amazing it is.  It even has a title: "Grammy's Funprint Gallery".

4.  Two free offers from Shutterfly enabled me to make two photo calendars this week.  The new year found me with no new calendars!  (Well, there was that Caterpillar one, but ... actually, I did hang it in the kitchen for reference until the others arrive.)

5.  Two very long walks this week!  So thankful for roads that had mostly melted down to tar and for the stamina to climb hills.  We went a greater distance than we ever dreamed we could!

Image from</a>
And that's it --  my Friday five for this week!


  1. I love the is a work of art for sure. You have passed on your creativity to your family, Mrs T!!

    1. Aww... thanks, Arlene! They are all creative, that is for sure.

  2. The shirt is a great gift/keepsake! Don't you just love Shutterfly!! A lovely post.

    1. I do love Shutterfly. I have gotten many unique gifts there over the years, all for shipping only. I watch the free offers pretty carefully, though there are the inevitable times when I miss one.

  3. Love that shirt and I am sure that I would admire the apron, too. No modeling for you? Perhaps Mr. T would model it for you, (My husband once modeled an apron on the blog for me.)

    I didn’t get my calendars until Friday. Old-fashioned gal who does not work with iPhones and iPads for calendars. I want to see it large as life. 🤓

    1. I only work with actual calendars too, Vee. One of my Shutterfly ones came today, but I can't use it yet as I started that one with February. I think the other one will likely arrive on Monday.

      Good idea to have my hubby model the apron. We are going to take a pic of me modeling it for the kids, but as far as the blog, probably I won't post a modeling pic on there as it is just too hard to see all of the details. Totally amazing.


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