Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Reflecting on 2018

Every year I like to evaluate the year just past and there are various questions I have used to do so.  One list I've used a few times has 31 questions!  Another may have even more.  But this year, as last, I liked the idea of just ten questions to reflect upon the year, and I have finally found time to do so.  These questions from Holley Gerth, which I have used a couple of times before, were just what I needed. 

So here are the questions and my answers:

🌟What went well this year?
My quiet times and devotional life;  blogging; preparing and teaching my Sunday School lessons.  Our trip to Nevada went very well and was such a blessing.  I opened an Etsy shop in the early part of 2018 to sell vintage items as part of my responsibility for cleaning out my childhood home, and it's been going very well.  I was also excited to meet two fellow bloggers this year -- Vee and Denise!  These ladies are as lovely and gracious in person as they are on their blogs!

The last few months of 2018 included a number of long walks, which I am really thankful for.   We were able to reconnect a bit with several cousins and other extended family that we seldom see.  I also saw God give guidance, grace, and strength for dealing with estate issues and for trying to encourage my husband and our church family as we continue without a pastor.  We extended a lot of hospitality this year and have had some wonderful opportunities to mentor and disciple younger believers.

🌟What did not go well?
My physical life, especially the factors of eating right, exercise, and drinking enough water.  I didn't do all that well with my homemaking responsibilities.  I had very little creative time, but I did manage to do some crafting in November and December.

🌟What do I want to do the same next year?
All of the things that went well are things I want to continue with and perhaps even improve upon.  (There may not be a trip to Nevada, and I may not meet new bloggers, but you never know.  I think that Arlene and her hubby are headed to New England this fall!)

🌟What do I want to do differently?
 I want to eat more healthfully, walk more often, drink more water, get more sleep and fresh air, and I want to get a much better handle on my homemaking responsibilities.  I want to do something creative every day, no matter how small.  I want to structure my quiet time in such a way that I don't have to break it into segments.  I have begun reading through the Bible  again this year, after several years of not doing so.

🌟When did I feel most in my “sweet spot”?
Preparing for and teaching my Sunday School lessons; our informal times of discipleship study with new believers; blogging; learning and being refreshed at retreats; taking time for simple getaways with my hubby.  Working at my sewing machine or my little crafting desk.

🌟When did I feel the most exhausted and drained?
When working on estate paperwork.  Whenever I had to deal with difficult people.  Any day that I failed to get enough sleep the night before.

🌟What did I say “yes” to that I wish I had said “no” to?
My answer is the same as last year's.  I really can't think of anything in that category.  There were plenty of things I would rather not have been doing, but they weren't things I could have said No to.

🌟What did I say “no” to that I wish I had said “yes” to?
Time for crafting and other creative pursuits.  Drinking enough water and making other healthy choices.

🌟What helped me stay close to God this year?
Making sure I had my quiet time, even on the busiest days, even if I had to split it up into several segments.  Continued use of prayer journal and consistent prayer life.  Scripture journaling on a regular basis.  Good time in God's Word every day.  The opportunity to be blessed by time at retreats for women and couples.

🌟What did He teach me that I want to live out next year?
That I can trust Him for every detail of a very complicated and busy life.  That I can be strong and courageous in the face of many unknowns because He will be with me wherever I go.

Maybe these questions are just what you need, too, to get a handle on 2019?   It's not too late!


  1. This was really a great post!! I really enjoyed it and I enjoyed reading about how your year went!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Debbie, thank you so much for your sweet comments! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this post.

  2. Oh I am hoping we can work it out to meet up...we have been online friends for so long. I told someone I think we originally met on a homemaking forum that Kelly hosted years ago. By the way...I miss Kelly Wynn I know she has an etsy shop but I miss her blog.

    1. I miss Kelli's blog too, Arlene! I agree, I think it was Seasonal Delights where we met. Lovely while it lasted.

      And I do hope we can arrange to meet up at some point. At this rate we may get to AL before you get to New England!

  3. Thank you for the link love. You didn't have to do that! I so enjoyed meeting you and Mr. T as well. I was nodding along with many of the things that you mentioned including dealing with difficult people and drinking enough water. I was able to do better with the water when I started drinking it at room temperature. It's just easier for me to get it down. If I don't drink enough water, my back goes into a knot...the residuals of kidney stone troubles I think. Hope that you get to do more of the things that you love and that some things that have been troubling just fall into place because God Himself is on the job. He always is, but things do need to resolve eventually.

    1. I can drink room temp water, and do if I am thirsty enough, but I really do prefer it cold or with ice.

      Thanks for the sweet New Year wishes. Thinking now that the year is over half gone, and I think I can say that definitely some troubling things have fallen into place. I have been able to do a few more of the things I love, too -- think I just need to take time to do a bit of crafting a few times a week.

  4. Great questions and thoughtful answers! God is good all the time and we just have to trust!!

    1. Amen, Terri! Thanks for your encouraging comments!


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