Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday five ~ February 22

Gorgeous antique image from Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
Yes, it is Friday again and time to jot down five things about my week.  Good thing I am keeping track of a blessing each day in my Best of My Days calendar notepad.  So glad I printed out one of these for myself.  I keep it on my nightstand and jot down a blessing each evening.  It's probably not too late to print out one of these for yourself, so check out the link if you are interested.  You can start anytime!

So here goes with a few blessings from the week:

1.  A great time around a meal and Bible study with our friends Sam, Jenn, and Noah on Friday evening.  Always a delight to spend time together in fellowship and study!  Below you see the study we are currently working on.  It's very good.

2.  Finally getting the year-end bookwork done for my Etsy shop and getting many more items listed.  Vintage patterns like the one below are among the things for sale.  Lots of vintage cards, too -- really, a great variety of unusual vintage items at A New Hampshire Attic.

3.  Seeing answered prayer this week in several challenging situations.  Even when an answer isn't always the one we were hoping for,  it's always a blessing to see how God works.
Another beautiful graphic from Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
4.  Strength to clean the church this week and also strength to deal with challenging situations in daily life.  Truly, He gives strength according to the need of our days.

5.  The blessing of having a home that can minister to all who enter.  Someone told me this week what a peaceful place they find our home to be.  It's true that one of my goals is for our home to be a peaceful, orderly refuge from the world -- but I feel as if I fail miserably at the "orderly" part so often.  It was an encouragement to me to see how God is helping this goal to be reality.  (The photo below was taken by Mr. T when he went out for a moonlight snowshoe the other evening.  Sort of a cozy view of our home from the outdoors in winter.)
And there's my Friday five for this week!


  1. What a compliment to hear that your home is a haven, Mrs T. Of course, I do not find that hard to believe at all after "knowing" you all these years. I think that is a bond we share that we want a peaceful and welcoming home.

  2. It does look cozy that way! Do you have a saltbox style home? If so, so very New England. I am sure that the peace of your home comes as much from the peace of your heart as anything you could do to keep your home orderly.

  3. Having someone tell you warm thoughts about your home, is so rewarding, as I feel you have such a desire to make them feel so welcomed. This is exactly the way I feel about our home. The photo does look so warm and inviting.
    Have a blessed weekend.


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