Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentine Medley for February 13

 Somehow it's Wednesday again, and time for the Wednesday Medley hosted by Terri at Your Friend from Florida!   Terri asks the questions and bloggers come up with their own answers. 

 Wouldn't you like to join in?  It's easy, and could make for a fun blog post on a wintry day; this week's questions have a Valentine theme.  Just head over to Terri's blog, get the questions, then copy, paste, and answer them on your own blog.  Then you can go back to Terri's and link up, if you like.   Here goes!
1.  I think St. Valentine's Day is for everyone, whether you have a romantic love interest or not.  I received a Valentine card from my sister (thank you Patti!) - case in point.  It is all about LOVE, not just romantic love.  What are your traditions for celebrating Valentine's Day?
I agree with you.  Valentine's Day can celebrate family love, the love of friends, and more.  We have no hard-and-fast traditions I guess ... we have learned to be flexible as to how we celebrate.  Sometimes I will make a special supper or breakfast for my husband and myself on Valentine's Day, or sometimes we will go out.  We tend to save money we would have spent on gifts or flowers to use on getaways at a later date.  When the kids were younger, and even a few years with grandkids,  as below, we would make Valentine cookies together.  When my kids were at boarding school for high school, and then when they were away at college, I would send Valentine care packages. 
2.  When you were in elementary school, did you decorate a shoe box and deliver those little valentines to all your classmates?   Perhaps in Sunday School?
Loved this illustration of a Valentine box on Terri's blog, so kept it when I copied and pasted.  It wasn't always a shoe box, but yes -- in elementary school, we would decorate boxes in which the little Valentines from our classmates could be deposited.  Valentines like the one below from the 1960s.  We decorated the boxes with construction paper cutouts, paper lace doilies, red heart stickers, and much more.
3.  Do you enjoy playing Cupid?  Have you ever introduced a couple who really clicked?

Not really.  I know some people love to play matchmaker, but I'm not one of them.  Too much responsibility.  No, I don't think I ever have introduced a couple who really clicked.
4.  Which traditional Valentine's Day gift would you rather receive:  Chocolate, flowers, or a card with a personal message?

A card with a personal message.
My daughter made this Valentine for me probably 30 years ago.
5.  What is the best movie to watch on Valentine's Day?

I almost never watch movies so I have absolutely no idea.

6.  Tell us something random about your week!

It's likely to be interrupted by a major snowstorm -- though nowhere near as major as what those in the midwest and northwest are getting.  Our winter storm warning for Tuesday said snow was to start at 4 pm.  It's Tuesday at 4:07 as I write this and, sure enough, light snow is beginning.

That's the Wednesday Medley for this Valentine week!


  1. I am just not feeling Valentine’s Day this year and now that it is upon me, I realize that I must get cracking even with a storm howling outside. There is a lesson for me to be learned...never miss the opportunity to say “I Love You.” 💌

  2. I think Valentine's Day is the only day the weather here is going to be half-way decent this week. I really liked the vintage Valentines, thanks for sharing those. That one your daughter made is really beautiful!

  3. Enjoyed your thoughts about Valentine's Day, especially the cards, just just something about children V-D cards the causes me to smile.
    Like Vee Valentines Day just slipped up on me, I usually decorate, but didn't, I will be sending gifts to family who live far away.. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  4. What pretty Valentines! I especially like the last one. If it weren't for grandkids, Valentine's Day would be just like any other day to me. But I do remember what fun it was as a kid to get a Valentine. Tons of snow here.

  5. Vintge valentines seem to always outdo our contemporary ones... Thanks for the sweet memories!!

  6. ALso I wnat to thank you for your sweet comment on my page and your appreciation for all things eternal... even though I was a Christian most of my adult life ,,, as a teacher and parent I was so busy with the world that I didnt give muct attention to eternal things except my family's salvation,,, now in retirement the eternal things are the most important!!! Blessings!!!

  7. Thanks for joining today's Medley!! I really enjoyed all the vintage Valentines you used! Those were fun times. However you decide to celebrate, Happy Valentine's Day!! xoxox

  8. I love those darling vintage Valentines, especially the one your daughter made. The ones in the stores these days are just ugly and cheap looking. Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

  9. It is supposed to be near 70º where I live in Missouri tomorrow. I am super excited...then Friday back to the 30's and ice...ugh! Loved your answers! Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Delightful answers, my friend! I was homeschooled from 3rd grade until I graduated High School, but I remember in 1st and 2nd grade when we deocrated shoe boxes and gave out Valentine's Day cards - oh, how I loved it! I hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day! Hugs and blessings!


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