Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday five for February fifteen

Wow, is that an alliterative title or what?

Somehow it is Friday again, and snowing like a bandstand (as we say in our family -- long story!) so I'm taking a few minutes to share five blessings from the week.

And no, those Valentine cookies aren't real.  I did use a cookie cutter to make them, though. Need to get back to making some felt food, as I still have grandkids young enough to be interested.  My Nevada daughter told me the other week that they had gotten out some of the felt food for the youngest one, but all of the kids ended up getting involved -- playing grocery store, restaurant, and more. 

1.  Breakfast out with my hubby last Friday.  We went to a new-to-us place with a pretty limited breakfast menu, but thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the atmosphere.  Wish I had thought to take some pictures.

2.  Finding time to blog about the Christmas cookie book I made with Shutterfly.  It's on my Christmas blog -- Mrs. T's Christmas Kitchen -- so do check it out if you've never visited.  I'm so tickled with this book, as it's a project I've been thinking about for awhile.  (Yep, those are felt Christmas cookies on the cover.  Recipe for those not included, though.) I have lots more photos of pages from the book in the post on my Christmas blog.

3.  Being able to get out and walk both Monday and Tuesday.  The weather hasn't been conducive since, but those days we had mostly bare roads to walk on and got in probably close to 8 miles.

4.  A fun day in the kitchen on Valentine's Day.  I have a friend with a Valentine birthday and really wanted to bake a few goodies for her.  Of course, Mr. T was delighted, as well!
There are marshmallows hiding under the frosting ...
 5.  A nice surprise in the mail yesterday when a handmade Christmas ornament I'd ordered from an Etsy shop arrived.  Check out this pretty ornament from Treasures with a Twist!  Check out the shop, too.  Marjorie has made many other gorgeous ornaments of the same type.  They are good quality and good value, too.  My scan does not begin to do it justice.
That's it for this week's Friday five ... Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. The weather has definitely impacted this week. It was good to have a pleasant weather Valentine’s Day. I suppose I ought to go out to shovel, but I am still recuperating from the day before yesterday. 😁 I do love the felt cookies and the felt food sounds like something I would have loved playing with as a kid. It makes me grin to think of your grands playing and having fun with what you have made for them. I baked some cookies for my Valentine’s. My sister-in-law can be quite outspoken and said that on a scale of 1–5, they were only a 1. That made me tease her and ask if giving them a 2 would have killed her. Ha! Yes, take pics the next time you go to your new breakfast spot. I have a new breakfast spot, too, but it’s always so packed, I’d have to be very sneaky to take a photo.

    1. Yes, Valentine's Day was beautifully sunny here at midday, but the wind was strong so we didn't walk. I did deliver the cookies to my friend, though.

      Only 1 on a scale of 1-5 --- now, Vee, I have read and I have tried some of your wonderful recipes (not to mention having tasted your rhubarb custard pie!) and I know you to be a good cook! I am quite sure your cookies were higher on the scale than a 1, and your sister-in-law was just being curmudgeonly!

      Felt food is so much fun and nearly addictive to make, but my daughter is urging me to make more of it, so I no doubt will. Yes, both sets of kids who have the felt food have played with it a LOT.

      Our new breakfast spot also has a Sunday brunch which is nowhere near as basic as the breakfast. It would still be open when we get out of church, so we plan to try that some Sunday. I will try to get pics of the decor. It's in an old house and barn and the walls/rafters are just crammed with New England memorabilia. There's an Old Town canoe hanging from the rafters!

      Tell me more about your new breakfast spot ... you just never know when we might want to have breakfast in Maine ...

    2. First of all, I wanted to delete my comment because I did not properly proofread. “For my Valentines” not “my Valentine’s.” Gravy, I’m losing it.

      Well my new spot is mostly wonderful because it is warm. 😊 Oh the food is okay, but there is not a whole lot of atmosphere such as a canoe suspended from the ceiling.

  2. Felt food is always a grandbaby favorite! Those are such pretty "cookies" as are all the other hearts.

    Grace & Peace,

    1. Thanks, Pam! It is such fun to make, too!

  3. OMG first glance thos felt cookies looked real( Ha Ha) ..They're very pretty ....I love sewing sequuns onto ornaments but I've never tried hearts... The cookies do look yummy too... They'd go well with a nice cup of tea...Thanks for all the Valentine inspiration...Hugs

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, they do look pretty real. And you're right, the actual heart cookies would be perfect with a nice cup of tea. Thanks for the visit!

  4. Enjoyed your fav. fives, it is so refreshing to read of children actually doing fun things rather than engaged in techs.
    Always nice to find new restaurants!
    Your ornament is lovely!
    Congratulations on fulfilling your dream of the cookie cookbook. I love to bake cookies and plan to make some this weekend to send to grandkids far away.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Thanks, Sue! Some of these grands do have tablets and they love their video games, but they also love playing in more creative and meaningful ways. Lots of outdoor time and creative play. Reading, too. Their parents are pretty good at keeping the screen time balanced out with other things.

    Cookies are definitely one of my favorite things to bake! I don't bake anywhere near as often as I used to. I can usually ignore cookies in the freezer, but my hubby declares he hears them calling to him!

  6. Such pretty felt cookies. And a lovely habit to list what you're thankful for. I do that often to chase away any doldrums. It always helps!

    1. Thanks, Deborah! Felt food is so much fun to make.

      Yes, listing what you're thankful for is a wonderful habit. Every evening before I go to sleep I list down one blessing from the day.


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