Friday, February 07, 2020

Friday five for February 7

Not sure how we are already a week into February, but here's the first Friday five of the month:

1.  Hearing aids for Mr. T!  We prayerfully decided to just try some simple, readily available hearing aids from an online source just to see if they would help with his hearing loss.  Years of work in sawmills, long before the importance of ear protection was even thought of,  had contributed to some pretty significant hearing loss.  Plus, he has a constant ringing in one ear.  Last year during mud season he visited a specialist but the doctor advised against pursuing expensive hearing aids until he had more testing.  These simple ones really are helping a good bit, and the best news is that the ringing in his ear lessens when he wears them.

2.  A young friend safely home from China, where she had been working.  So thankful for how God answered prayer on her behalf and gave her and her friend safe travels!
Page from a vintage international cookbook
3.  The true blessing of being able to be used by God to encourage younger believers.  I know I mention this a lot, but it's a huge blessing that moves me to tears when I really think about it.  Our young friends have been having vehicle problems and weren't able to come here, so on Saturday evening we took a meal to their home and so enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship and Bible study with them.   Another young friend at church is always ready with a warm hug and is a faithful prayer warrior on our behalf.  These aren't necessarily blessings one expects at our ages.  So thankful God has brought these dear young believers into our lives and that we can pour into them.
Lovely graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
4.  Being able to walk a nice long loop of several miles on Monday.  The weather was beautiful and Mr. T was able to join my friend and me for our walk.   So thankful we've had dry roads to walk on a good bit of this winter.  Thursday and today, however, have brought a winter storm with lots of freezing rain and plenty of snow.

5.  Feeling as if I am finding a little more balance in my life lately.  This is an answer to prayer.  I've started reading (not just dipping into) The Fringe Hours, by Jessica Turner, and am finding it helpful and encouraging even though I'm only a little way into it.  I hope to blog about this soon.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Wonderful answers to prayer Mrs happy with you!! And yes, younger friends are such a blessing. They are often willing to hear from us the wisdom that our own children disregard.:) It is snowing here this am....not expected to stick but it is pretty.

  2. Thanks, Arlene, for being happy with me concerning these blessings and answers to prayer.

    Snowing in Alabama! Wow! I think we got about 5 inches yesterday, then freezing rain on top of that ... raining now but is predicted to turn back to snow this afternoon. Not complaining too much as we've really had a milder winter so far.

  3. Wonderful that your Beloved is being helped by the hearing aids...

    Looking forward to your discussion on The Fringe Hours.

    1. Hi Vee!

      Yes, it is indeed wonderful. He's still figuring out settings, programs, etc. so he will be able to hear well in various situations (like church), but in general it's a great help. Especially the lack of ringing in that one ear. I don't know how he has even functioned all these years.

      I'm thinking I may post as I go through The Fringe Hours, rather than wait and do it all at once. Seems to me it might be more helpful that way.

  4. It’s wonderful the hearing aids are working! So many blessings here today!

  5. Yes, God is soooo good! Have a blessed weekend. Hope your knee is continuing to heal well.

  6. So glad your husband's hearing is better and the tinnitus has diminished with the hearing aid!

  7. Love your snowy pictures at the top. It's been a long time since I've seen a good old fashioned New England winter. I especially love the fresh-fallen snow and how it glistens like diamonds in the sun. Here in Florida we have had some stormy weather this week, but thankfully no serious damage. This morning it is back down to 37 degrees after a high of 80 the other day! They predicted a frost advisory, but don't think it happened. Glad your hubby got some hearing aids and hope they will truly help. I know that annoying ringing in the ears can be very disturbing. Will be anxious to hear about the book you are sounds interesting. Have a blessed and beautiful weekend!

  8. I am glad to hear the version of hearing aids is working. I always say try before hopping off into things. Great news on the friend making it home. As fast as time travels, warmer weather will be here soon enough, but glad you were able to get outside with the walks.


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