Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A snowy video and a few more photos

We had more snow yesterday, and a little more this morning.  Mr. T went out for another snowshoe hike today, not as far as the pond.  He took more photos and some nice videos.  Here is one of the videos he took:

It's such fun to me to see that out there, in the frozen snowy woods, a brook still runs freely in spite of the cold.  Saturday night it was ten below zero here!

Here are a few more photos:
He went up above the brook to get this shot looking down upon it.
Snow-covered lichen
An interesting dead tree along the way
I asked the woodsman what sort of tree this was.  Alas, he failed to notice.
The grandkids' seldom-used tree house
So there you go!  Hope you've enjoyed these glimpses of winter in our back yard.


  1. Beautiful - I love the sounds of moving water! Thank you for sharing - sooooo super relaxing!

  2. I'll trade you our sugar white Sandy beaches and blue/green waters of the Gulf of Mexico for this! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you.

  3. More beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Do you have snowshoes? I used to have a nice pair from LL Bean. Alas, someone borrowed them and they’re gone forever. 😏 (It is highly unlikely that I’d ever wish to use them again.)

  5. Love the video and hearing the water running. It doesn't often get that cold here, but I wouldn't have imagined that a brook would have still flowed in those frigid temperatures. I also enjoyed more beautiful winter pictures. I've always wanted to live in (or near) the woods... sigh

  6. Great pictures, especially like the treehouse! My grandsons would love it.💖

  7. Oh I love that video of the snowy brook, and hearing the water trickling through the snow and ice...that was delightful! I should save that and listen to it more often! Love the pictures. And that treehouse! Oh, I would be up there all the time if I were there! I love that big window! I always dreamed of having my own tree house! What's wrong with those kids that they don't use it? There must be too many other things they like to do...but if I were there...that's where I'd want to stay! Thank you for sharing...


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