Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday five ~ February 21

Somehow those Fridays just keep coming around very quickly!  And here is February three-fourths over.  Unbelievable!

So, here are a few blessings from the week:

1.  Lots of work getting done at my childhood home this past week.  Many boxes went to the thrift store and book drop, and two truckloads went to the dump (including an old freezer which was being used to store woolens).  Thankful for the help of two strong grandsons on Saturday to get that freezer up the cellar stairs! 

Below you see one of the interesting items Josiah found.  My guess is that it was a gift to my mother on her high school, or possibly college, graduation.  Office supplies in a wooden holder, meant to look like books on a shelf.  I did a little research and found that Dennison made quite a few varieties of these sets.  Some of the "cabinets" are larger and more detailed than this one.  There was even a set to hold sewing notions!

2.  Going out to lunch on Monday.  After a long walk in the wind, and some tests requiring fasting, it was so restorative to relax and enjoy a nice freshly made sandwich, some hot coffee, and homemade potato chips at The Common Man Roadside.  Dare I admit we also had a coffee date at McDonalds yesterday in the middle of grocery shopping?
3.  Getting to have four of our local grands with us for a good bit of time on Tuesday during the snowstorm.  Grampa took the boys for a long snowshoe hike, while Julia read and Ari played.  Grampa made his famous waffles for supper and we also had blueberry and strawberry sauces, maple syrup, bacon and little sausages.  Those last two items are a special treat,  enjoyed only when we have company or grandchildren over.

4.  Several sweet phone conversations this week.  I spoke with both of my daughters, with my dear young friend Jennifer, and with granddaughter Emily out in Nevada.  Emily and I share some cooking and crafting interests, so it's good to catch up with one another.

5.  Getting a bit of decluttering done in a couple of kitchen cabinets.  I have a LONG way to go, but was so encouraged this week when I sorted out some mixing bowls, some salad bowls, and a bunch of cookie cutters.  Some went into the trash, some are going to the thrift store and many of the cookie cutters are going to a friend who doesn't have any.   (Don't worry; I am getting bowls that I like better that were my mother's, and am still reserving plenty of cookie cutters for my own use.  Just thinning out a bit.)
Illustration from an old Gooseberry Patch catalog
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. I have a feeling 2020 is going to be your year to get a lot done. The first picture is so cool. I would have a hard time letting things go which is one reason I felt the stress I have for the past few years clearing things out, Yikes
    Sweet grands to help and their strong bodies are much needed.

    1. Oh, I hope your feeling is correct, Sandy!

      I also have a hard time letting things go. I remember when you posted about how you felt getting rid of many of your teaching things. I feel the same way about my teaching materials. In throwing those things away, it seems almost as if we are saying that part of our life no longer matters or maybe even that it was never of any real importance. And of course that isn't true at all. We are just in a different season now.

      All I know for sure right now is that I will be oh so relieved when this task is completed! Yes, the grands are wonderful. We met them for breakfast this morning and as one climbed into their vehicle, he reminded us not to forget to call him when we need help again!

    2. I almost didn't write that post because I thought it didn't fit on my blog, but I just had this nagging feeling that I should. I am learning to pay attention to that more. Trust me when I tell you I cried on the way to the dumpster. It was an emotional morning. I had just arrived back from a visit to my mother's after my step dad had passed. The reality of what I would be doing post retirement was setting in. IT was the final week of school and all the teachers were abuzz with trying to keep their sanity with the kids and getting out the door themselves. I had my heart on my shoulders and when they just walked through and didn't get all my treasures well, the dam just burst. I let everyone get out that day and made some hard decisions. I boxed up some true treasures and sent them to some specific teachers at other schools and then started dumping. .That is the short version. I treasure the memories of teaching and was blessed to work in a conservative school area and be with my own kids. However, I knew it was time to move on. That is the shortened version, but now I am keeping a grandson. Who knew ?! How GRAND that would be!

  2. Such interesting things you are finding! I can imagine your childhood home is probably a treasure trove of vintage goodies! How long has that home been in your family? Was it your grandparents' home also? I know many of the big old NE houses go from generation to generation. Do you have any pictures of the house? Just curious as to style of home, etc. Maybe you've posted some before I started visiting you here... So wonderful that you have local grandchildren who can also help out. What are the plans for the house when you have it cleaned out? Just curious. I wish we could've taken our time with my parents' home where they lived for over 50 years, but we had a deadline of selling it within 90 days, so we just had an estate sale and didn't spend a LOT of time on really going through things. I know we let a lot of "treasures" go. But, I did get a few things that I really wanted, and we have to realize that it's all just "stuff" that we can't take with us. My parents collected a LOT of stuff...mostly good antiques, dolls, trains, etc. but there was no way we four siblings could keep it all. It all worked out for the best. I enjoy hearing about your discoveries. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Your Friday Fives are always so wonderful to read, Happy that you are moving along with the sorting, I did this when my Mom downsized, I also found some very interesting keepsakes.
    We enjoy breakfast in the evening especially when it is really cold, had planned to have waffles last night , but something came up. After seeing how appetizing yours look, I think I just might put them back on the menu tonight!smile~
    I do miss those overnight visits with our grands,.
    Good luck with your decluttering, I can't seem to find the time, of course I have a good excuse for now.
    Thanks for sharing..


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