Wednesday, February 19, 2020

a few more wintry scenes

Just a few more wintry scenes from our neck of the woods ...
I think this was last weekend.  Just before sunset.
 We have the  most interesting icicles on our living room windows.  This was taken through the screen, as you can see.
 On one of the snowshoe hikes.  I liked the spot of color from the sunshine reflecting off something.
 The same stream I posted the video of, a few days later.  There's a skim of ice on it in this photo. 
 Another just before sunset.
Yesterday's snowstorm, out at the beaver pond.  Mr. T took a snowshoe hike out there with grandsons Sam and Josiah.
 Not sure if he is just resting or if he took a spill.  My guess is he's resting.  He looks cheerful enough!
Can't tell if Sam is adjusting a snowshoe binding or looking at something on the surface of the pond.  I wanted to use this photo because it shows how hard it was snowing, even though the snow was very fine.  This was a storm that amounted to at least six inches, I think, yet there was never any winter weather advisory, winter storm warning, or anything else.  Crazy.  Just kept saying in the regular forecast that we would get 5 to 8 inches.  And yet some of the hyped-up winter storms, complete with names, have produced greater warnings, more school closures, and far less snow than this one did!  Go figure ...

I know many are thinking spring.  It's just not even close yet up here!


  1. I remember those long winter days. We'd make the mistake of coming south for a winter break, and see springtime everywhere, and then go back up there where everything was still white and gray. I'm afraid the southern girl in me won out and we are down here to stay. But I did love some of winter...just not such long ones. I love your pictures, however, and that your grandkids are out there enjoying it. That is wonderful!!

  2. Spring must be pushed back just a bit or we’d get disappointed. I think people like your grandsons and their granddad are wise to enjoy the days just as they come. The frozen brook looks like an ice table set with ice plates for a winter tea. (I read too many children’s books.)

    1. 🤦🏻‍♀️Thoughts of spring that is...horrors if spring itself is actually pushed back. Ha!

  3. Brrr...It looks too cold and wintry to me!💖

  4. Wow, that is a lot of snow....thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  5. Yesterday, as I closed my shades for the evening I almost felt sorry we've had so little snow this winter. Almost. Thankfully, folks like you have shared beautiful (and fun) pictures of theirs. Spring is one month away!!!

  6. We got a little taste of wintry weather yesterday with a covering of snow on the ground! It's fading fast today, and yes, I'm dreaming about spring! I love seeing your pictures!


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