Saturday, September 18, 2021

Our Labor Day


 On Monday, September 6, we enjoyed a fun Labor Day with friends and family at our little camp.  I sure wish I had gotten more photos -- but  I actually didn't take any.  My daughter Carrie got a few which I am borrowing.

Our friends S. and C. mostly have only postal holidays off, and live in a neighboring state, so we don't get to see them as often as we would like.  When it does work out, we like to spend an entire day together.

So they came for breakfast on Labor Day, and stayed for a late lunch, not leaving until after 6 pm.

I enjoy the challenge of figuring out meals for an entire day.  For this breakfast, I made homemade breakfast sandwiches.  We split English muffins, buttered the cut sides, and toasted them in the oven.  Meanwhile, I fried eggs and Canadian bacon.   I then layered these with cheese inside the English muffins and wrapped each sandwich in foil.  We did this at home and stacked the foil-wrapped sandwiches inside a slow cooker set on low to take to the camp.  It kept them nice and warm until we were ready to eat.  I also served a Hash Brown Casserole and C. brought a sumptuous fruit salad to serve with a choice of lemon sorbet or maple yogurt.  With plenty of coffee, this made a very satisfying breakfast!

We had such fun visiting around the table and sharing our hearts with one another.

For our late lunch, our daughter Carrie, hubby Jim, and their four kids joined us.  What a delight!  They live next door, so it's easy for them to run through the woods or speed over on their bikes.  (I had told Carrie not to bring any food, since they were leaving for vacation the next day.)

We grilled hot dogs and sausages over a campfire, and also had pasta salad, corn on the cob, and more.  The grandkids, even the littlest one, are pros at husking corn, leaving not a strand of silk behind!

While lunch cooked, the men and grandson Sam enjoyed fellowship by the fire.

C. brought some wonderful toffee shortbread squares for dessert,  and I also made a peanut butter cookie s'mores dessert pizza.  So yummy!  I prefer the mini marshmallows as I think they make the dessert easier to cut.
Photo and recipe from Five Heart Home
We took our time over lunch, enjoying the fellowship so much.  Later, C. (who has a special bond with 6-year old Arielle) helped Ari plant some wildflowers called Maiden Tears (or bladder campion,  but I much prefer the prettier name).  
 Carrie, Jim, and family left in the late afternoon to go back and finish packing, hooking up the pop-up camper, and more.  S. and C. stayed later and before they left, we all walked next door to look at the work Jim has been doing on their addition.
What a wonderful day it had been!  So thankful for family, friends, food, and fellowship!


  1. Sounds like the perfect day!!

  2. It was! Just a lovely day. The weather wasn't perfect, but it cooperated for the time we spent outside. It started raining just as the kids finished husking the corn.


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