Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two more "breakfast for supper" recipes

(Hash Brown Casserole photo by Taste of Home)
Here are two more recipes I have made recently for supper.  The main course was Mushroom Oven Omelet.  I used Baby Bella mushrooms to make this, and used the kind that are pre-sliced as our local supermarket had them at a good price last week.  We enjoy this oven omelet a lot and it's a recipe I often go back to.

For a side dish, I made Hash Brown Casserole, which is another long-time favorite and I'm sure I have it posted elsewhere on the blog, but thought I would share the link anyway.  You can use either the southern-style (cubed) hash browns or the shredded type.  I think I prefer the shredded ones, but have used either kind.  For the two of us, I halved the recipe.  I usually use a homemade cream sauce (cream soup equivalent) instead of the condensed soup.  This hash brown recipe tastes quite a bit like the hash brown casserole served at Cracker Barrel restaurants.

I served an asparagus stir-fry medley alongside, just cooked in the microwave in a casserole dish, to add color and more nutrition to the meal.

Hope you enjoy these recipes if you try them!

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