Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekly Goals 2/26/2012

(Photo from NH Troubadour, 1950s)
I'm a bit late posting these goals, but Sunday and Monday were exceedingly busy days.  So, for this week, here are my goals:

1.  Review Psalm 19:7-11.
2.  Read the next chapter in Essential Virtues.
3. Exercise 3 to 5 times.
4.  Plan/cook healthy meals.
5.  Do Kelly's Missions (from FlyLady) for each day.
6.  Keep up with crafting goals.
7.  Finish lesson 6 for Sunday School; work ahead on Lesson 7.

And here's how I did last week:

1.  Still need to review the Scripture memory passage; still don't quite have it perfectly.
2.  I read one chapter in Essential Virtues, so DONE!
3.  Only managed to exercise twice.
4.  Planned and cooked healthy meals, so DONE!
5.  Did Kelly's Missions each day and then some.  DONE!
6.  Didn't keep up very well with my crafting goals, though I did get quite a bit done on Friday. 
7.  Work ahead in Sunday School study.  DONE!

Four out of seven isn't too bad, I guess, but I can always aim for more.  I hope to post in my Christmas blog later today about the crafting I accomplished on Friday.

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