Thursday, February 09, 2012

Breakfast for supper

(Photo by Taste of Home)
We always enjoy having breakfast foods at supper time, and I often plan one meal like this per week.  On Tuesday night, we enjoyed a couple of old favorite recipes.  I actually would not be likely to make these omelets at breakfast time, as they involve too much fussing to do early in the morning.  They are easy enough, but they involve several dishes and several different steps.

Here is the omelet recipe:  Layered Omelets with Cheese Sauce.  These omelets are baked in the oven in pie pans.  To serve them, you cut them in wedges (2 per serving) and layer them on the plate with cheese sauce between the layers and on top. 

Any sort of potato dish would go well with these, but I chose an old favorite, Oven Potato Wedges.  I most often serve these with hot dogs and beans, burgers, etc.  but they are good with breakfast foods too.  I chose them this time because they bake for an hour in the oven unattended, so I could do other things while they cooked.  Always a plus in my book!  I enjoy cooking, but I almost always have something else I'd like to do with any extra time.

Any vegetable would go well with this menu.  I love frozen veggies, especially the asparagus stir-fry blend and other blends of unsauced vegetables.  But I had been given some baby bok choy, so I stir-fried that to go along with our omelets this time.  What a yummy meal!  Maybe your family would like to try these recipes, too.


  1. Hi Arlene,

    Hope you enjoy the recipes if you try them! So nice to see you here. Have a wonderful weekend!


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