Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Snowy day in New Hampshire!

 Yes, it's a snowy morning here.  We had some heavy wet snow overnight.  Not a lot of snow in inches, but because it is heavy it has coated every branch of every tree.  I'm going to just share a few photos and captions.

Above is a corner of our balcony.  Bent-over trees like this can be a common phenomenon, especially for birch trees (Have you ever read Robert Frost's poem Birches? If not, you will want to look it up.) but in this case the tree is a maple.  When my hubby opened the balcony door to take this photo, the storm door immediately fogged up.  Hence the foggy look of this particular picture.
Our bird feeder is out in the middle of this clothesline to keep squirrels away.
Our snowy back woods.
Just a close-up of some snowy branches.
Snow-topped sap buckets.
And more of the same.  Just a pretty sight.
Tire swing half buried in snow.
Snowy trees in our front yard.
These are at the edge of our lawn.
Another sap bucket.  Those are beech leaves which tend not to drop in the fall.
Tall snowy treetops.

Our driveway and my hubby's old red plow truck.  

Hope it's a pleasant day where you are.  If you are not in New Hampshire, you can enjoy our snow from a distance!


  1. Except for the charming sap buckets, it looks a lot like my backyard. I am glad that you are focusing on the beauty, I'm afraid that I am focusing on how sick I am of winter.

  2. Wow! That's a lot of heavy wet snow!! But it is so pretty!! (from a distance! LOL). I love seeing the sap buckets too. Do you have bears and moose in your neck of the woods? I know we did when we lived in Conway. We couldn't leave out bird feeders because of the bears. But I guess they are hibernating still up there at this time of the year, so maybe you are safe. I enjoyed your pictures so much. Thank you for sharing them, even if they do make me feel cold and thankful to be here in sunny Florida!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Mrs. T. I hope you stay safe and warm and dry.


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