Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some thought-provoking words...

This quote has been such a challenge to me, and yet a great encouragement as well, to keep on keeping on and to grow in the many areas where I need to. Maybe it will be a help to someone else out there.

"Let us not be Christians as to the few great things of our lives, and atheists as to the many small things which fill up a far greater space of them. God is in both, waiting for the glory we can give Him in them."
-- Dwight L. Moody


  1. this is good...first time at your blog.

  2. Hi Deby --

    It is nice to see you here at my kitchen table. Am glad you enjoyed this quote from D.L. Moody. I stopped by your blog and noticed that you enjoy quotes from George Mueller. So do I .. what a man of faith he was!

    Stop in again sometime!

    God bless,


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