Friday, August 01, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday for August 1

Today I have just two things to share.

This bib was something I acquired unfinished. It was accompanied by a partial package of bias tape. I bought more, with an eye to finishing this and two matching children's aprons that were with the bib when I got it. Unfortunately, the new bias tape doesn't match the old (faded, I guess) so I had to just use up the older tape on the bib and hope that the ties will be long enough. They still don't look quite long enough to me, but other than that I like the way it came out.

And here is how my cross-stitch pot holder is coming along. I wish I had put the lettering just a little bit higher up. (Adding it was my own idea, it wasn't part of the pattern or chart, so I had to decide where to put it. I'd like it better if it were placed higher up on the holder, but I'm not about to move it now! I still have a few berries and leaves to stitch, and then the back stitching to do. The letters are finished; they will not require back stitching, which is exactly why I chose that particular alphabet!

How about you? If you have managed to accomplish or even start any crafting this week, then head on over to Waiting for Him and share your projects. Shereen and others will be eager to see what you have to share.

Happy Crafting!


  1. The potholder is coming along really cute! I can't see the ties on the bib, but if you feel they aren't long enough, why not do them in red, instead? It would still match!

  2. Both items are very nice. Good job!

  3. Anonymous8:02 PM

    I love the bib and pot holder. You did a great job!


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