Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A spot (almost literally) of Valentine decorating

I literally did just a spot (well, maybe two) of Valentine decorating this year. The holiday really sneaked up on me. Something about it being on a Sunday, I guess.

I put up my Valentine ribbon board (with a couple of new additions, one being the felt skate ornament which I made from a vintage pattern).
The skate had been on the Christmas tree, but I decided it went well with the Valentine theme, being red & white.
Later, I also hung this Valentine garland which I made from scrapbooking paper a couple of years ago. I didn't take a photo this year, so here is an older photo of the garland. It doesn't show up too well, but ivory letters near the tip of the triangle spell out the word "L-O-V-E".

This year I hung it above the back door rather than the corner cupboard, but otherwise it's exactly the same.

And that's it for my Valentine decorating. In a day or two maybe I can post some photos of my winter decorating... that's a little bit more inspired!


  1. I am wondering...is it too early to get out Easter decorations???:) It is a beautiful sunny day here and a reminder that Spring is coming!

  2. Hi Arlene!

    There in Alabama, it's probably not at all too early to get out Easter or Spring decorations! Not up here, alas. It has felt spring-like here the last week or so, but we know it's not really spring and won't be for some time. Enjoy your lovely weather!


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