Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter decorating

Look at this cheery little house in the wintry woods! I wonder what it's like inside?

I have been wanting to post some photos of my winter decorating. When the Christmas decorations come down, I leave out most of my "snow" decor like snowmen, snowflakes, icicles, etc. and then will often add other things to complete the winter decorating. Once Valentine's Day is over, spring is still a long, long way off up here. So glittery snowflakes and iridescent icicles fill the need for light and sparkle!

This was my back door in January. A dear friend made the "January" garland for me. I think it looks just perfect with the snowman sign beneath it.

This is a mitten-themed card made for me by the same friend.

This cute little cake dome was $5 on clearance at Marshalls. I have been wanting something like this for a long time, but was waiting for an affordable price. I will enjoy using it to display all manner of seasonal things. (I thought of this too late for Valentine's Day, but wouldn't it have been cute to display some felt Valentine sugar cookies, on a paper doily of course?)

For now, I have a cute little glittery house and a bottle brush tree, all from Gooseberry Patch, in here.

This shows the entire hutch decorated for winter.

The red "mittens" on the middle shelf are actually floating candles which my daughter gave me for my birthday.

The top shelf has just my favorite Proverbs 31 cross-stitch and 2 Thomas Kinkade candleholders.

Next is the glittery snowy stuff.

The tag on the left was made by me and the little kids in the picture are me, my brother and cousin. The "Snow" card was made by the same talented friend who made the January garland.

A closer look at the snowman-themed shelf.

Love those little papier-mache snowman containers with their wire handles and felt noses! Can you believe the 2 snowmen on the right came from a dollar store?

Hope you have enjoyed this look at some of the winter decorating around here!


  1. That cake stand is perfect for that little sparkly!

  2. Thank you!! I was so excited to find that little cake stand at such a neat price. And thanks too for all the inspiration that Gooseberry Patch books have offered me over the years. Love them!

  3. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I was just wondering if you did the Proverbs 31 crosstitch and if so, where you purchased your pattern?My husbands grandmother made me one and sadly when we moved it got ruined in the attic when the roof leaked.I would love to find the pattern and then hire someone to crosstitch it for me.I loved it!!!!

  4. Anonymous,

    Hello! Thanks for visiting my kitchen table! No, I did not stitch the Proverbs 31 picture, but a good friend of mine did, quite a few years ago. I will try and find out from her what book it came from. I believe she had an entire book with different cross-stitch designs illustrating various verses from Proverbs 31. I will try and call her tomorrow and see what I can find out.

    God bless,

  5. Anonymous,

    I talked with my friend Marilyn today (the one who did the Proverbs 31 cross stitch) and here's what she told me. The booklet is by Leisure Arts and was published in 1985. The designer is Anne Van Wagner Young and the title is "Proverbs 31 Sampler".

    The sampler is actually the entire passage from Proverbs 31 -- the design she did for me is only part of the sampler.

    Hope this helps and that you are able to locate one of these!

  6. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Thank you for your information.I am going to do an online search.Maybe I will find one.Thank you for your help.:)

  7. Anonymous,

    Just one more thought. My friend just sent me a link. She said she actually found several sources for the Proverbs 31 booklet. When you do a search, you will probably find this one, but I wanted to share it anyway. Hope it's helpful to you.

    Proverbs 31 Sampler

    God bless,

  8. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Hello I just wanted to let you know I ordered a Proverbs 31 sampler from Amazon.I am so excited.Thank you!!!!!!

  9. That's wonderful!!! I am so happy you were able to find one. Happy stitching, and thanks for letting me know!

    God bless,


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