Thursday, February 25, 2010

Something to think about

Here's a little quote I had saved many years ago. This one will make you stop and think!

"A famous publisher declares, 'If you are an articulate person, you utter some thirty thousand words each day.' If these words were put in print, they would amount to a fair-sized book every day. These books would, in a lifetime, fill a college library. All these books are from the same author, all reflecting your life in your own words. And not a book can be withdrawn from circulation. The thought is a bit frightening. It emphasizes the fearful responsibility that goes with the gift of speech, and also the glorious privilege that is inherent in speech seasoned with grace."

"Let your speech be always with grace." (Colossians 4:6)


  1. Oh my, I guess this makes you stop and think. It seems I've heard this illustration before too. Something I should work on. Not being much of a conversationalist my library would probably be quite small, but there are times, especially when I'm tired that my mouth goes nonstop and often times I regret what I've said. Of course then it's too late and it's usually sweet Mr. D that reaps the benefit of my rambling speech. Poor guy.

    Hope you have a wonderful day. Looks like you're doing very well on your "Back on Track Challenge". Keep up the good work.

    Mrs. D

  2. God is still working on me in this area, for sure. Thinking before speaking is a constant battle for me. Some of the "books" in my "library" are not too edifying, I'm afraid!

    Yes, the challenge is going pretty well. I'm encouraged.

    Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

    God bless,


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