Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miracle Bread: a fabulous bread recipe!

(Photo from Home Joys)
I tried a new recipe for bread yesterday, and it turned out so delicious I just had to share. Gina, over at Home Joys, has been doing a series on homemade bread. The information she is sharing will be of special interest to those who have never tried making bread, or have tried and failed. However, it's also very helpful to those of us who may have been baking bread for years. There is always more to learn in life!

This recipe is super simple and requires no kneading. It produced two gorgeous loaves of French (or Italian)-type bread (or it can also be used to make bread in loaf pans or even to make cinnamon rolls). The bread is simply delicious. (I used poppy seeds on mine since I was all out of sesame seeds.)

As I was mixing the dough, I told myself that if the bread turned out well, I would use the recipe to teach my 2 oldest granddaughters (ages 7 and 9) how to bake bread. So I will definitely be doing that! I can just imagine what a feeling of accomplishment it will give them to have produced something so wonderful with just a minimum of effort and a few basic ingredients.

So check out the recipe and give Miracle Bread a try. I predict that your family will love this bread as much as mine did!


  1. I can almost smell home baked breads here - they look so good.

  2. I may give this one a try Mrs T. I can make great biscuits but yeast bread is a trial to me!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi ladies!

    Helen -- this bread tastes every bit as good as it looks!

    Arlene -- Hope you will try this. I noticed in the comments on the recipe at Home Joys that one lady tried it making only half the recipe. You might consider doing that for your first try.

    Lovely to have you both here. Stop by anytime!


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