Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sparkly votive holders ~ a fun winter craft

Poinsettia votive holder (with vellum stickers)

While getting out some of my winter candle holders the other day, I came upon some I had made years ago and thought I would share this idea. It's a fun winter (really, anytime) craft for kids -- or make some of these yourself! They are fun and easy. I've made them with kids for many years for all different seasons, but they are fun for grown-ups too.

All you need is:

* Clear glass votive holders
* Sheet of waxed paper for work surface
* Stickers of choice (vellum ones are particularly pretty, but any kind will work)
* White glue
* One-inch foam paintbrush
* Clear or iridescent glitter (not a colored glitter)

Make sure your votive holders are clean and dry.

Then arrange the stickers on the holders in a pleasing design.

Now place the votive holder on your waxed paper and paint the outside with white glue, right over the stickers. Make sure you cover the glass completely with glue with no clear glass showing. Paint the sides of the holder only, not the bottom.

Sprinkle as much glitter as you like all over the glue.

Let the glue dry thoroughly.

You can now carefully roll up the waxed paper and deposit any excess glitter back in the glitter container.

Then, add a votive candle and enjoy your sparkly candleholder!
Valentine votive holder (with regular stickers)
Patriotic votive holder (with regular and metallic stickers)

Have fun with this idea!

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