Saturday, February 19, 2011

Country Baking sampler ~ finished at last!!

Last evening I finally completed a UFO of many years' standing.
This photo shows it partially finished:

I had actually finished this cross-stitch sampler about 3 years ago, but could never decide what to do with it. I didn't really want to frame it. I had decided finally to frame it in fabric, but when I went looking in my stash one of the first things I found was a green dish towel that perfectly matched the green in the sampler.

The only problem was that I had already cut the dishtowel in half in preparation for another project which I had not continued with. (Don't ask ~ the less said about that, the better.) So here's what I did: I cut even a little more off one end of the dishtowel so that it would be a better fit for the stitchery. Then I sewed the two pieces together again. And I used what I cut off to make a hanging sleeve for the back. The hanger is a recycled dowel and cord from an outdated calendar towel. I always save those and have used many for this type of project.

Here's a closer look at the top half of the sampler:

And then a closeup or two of the lower half:
Love the Bundt® cake at the top left of this section, and the quilt hanging from the wooden spoon toward the right side of the picture.

I am so happy to have finished this project! Now I can display it in my kitchen ~ although I have yet to find just the right place to hang it.


  1. Thanks, Arlene! I am glad you like it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love it. I wonder what to do with some of my cross-stitching.
    Yours looks like it is from the magazine "Cross Country Stitching."
    my favorite cross-stitch magazine.
    Just love the dish towel.

  3. Hi Nana,

    Thanks for stopping in! Yes, you are correct, this sampler is indeed from "Cross Country Stitching", from the December 2005 issue. I love their designs and have a huge stack of back issues.

    This post -- cross-stitch samplers -- shows four more samplers I have made from "Cross Country Stitching", and this one -- sampler info -- tells you which issues the patterns may be found in.

    You can see more of my cross-stitching by doing a search at the top left of my blog, or by clicking in the "cross stitch" label in the word cloud at the right.

    Oh -- and the green dish towel came from the dollar store!

    Lovely to see you here at my kitchen table! Please stop in any time!

    God bless,

  4. Nicely done, Mrs. T. You inspire me :)

    I think this will look lovely in your kitchen!

  5. Hi Mrs. D --

    Thanks for the kind words! You inspire me as well, in all sorts of ways.

    Actually, I ended up hanging this in the living room. I intended it for the kitchen, of course, and the colors would have looked nice in there, but I was having trouble finding a spot where it wouldn't be in danger of smoke damage from the wood stove. I happened to notice a blank spot on the living room wall right above one of those green recliners. The sampler seemed just right for that spot, and I'm glad we put it there.

    Hope your day has gone well!


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