Monday, October 10, 2011

A bit of fall decorating

Here are just a few pictures of some of my fall decorating.  Some of it doesn't differ much from year to year, but this year I did a few different things.  I neglected to take a picture of the hutch in its entire fall glory, but will plan to do that before I forget!

The bottom shelf of the hutch.  There is my little "Give Thanks" embroidery project on the left, and a printable fall subway art design on the right.  The tiny painted saw in the front was a gift from my hubby.

This photo pretty much shows the other two shelves.  Many of the things are the same as usual, but I couldn't resist adding some; a favorite book on the left (a thoughtful gift from my daughter), a [faux] carnival glass chicken I've had for years, my old brown teapot and a nutcracker shaped like a pickup truck.

This shows the table with place mats, a runner, and my glass cake dome full of faux squash atop a homemade fall hot mat.  I had an orange plaid tablecloth on the table first (with the same mats) but it needed washing so I swapped the runner for it temporarily.

This year I tried dressing up my corner cupboard a little bit too.

A mini grapevine wreath hanging from a knob of the corner cupboard.  I trimmed it quickly and easily with a tiny wooden house and a scrap of fall fabric.

Hope you have enjoyed this peek at some of our fall decorating around here!


  1. Love all those pretty fall colors in your house Mrs T!! Love love love that table runner!!

  2. Oh, thanks, Arlene! It is just some very pretty fabric I found at Jo-Ann's years ago. I finally just hemmed it and turned it into a runner. This year I found another piece of pretty fall fabric in my stash when I sorted through it, and plan to make that one into a small tablecloth.

  3. That all looks so nice! It has a warm, cozy look to it. Mrs. T, you are making me want to do more fall decorating!

  4. Thanks, Mrs. Smith! Up here in northern New England, we pretty much need to make things warm and cozy to help us make the best of the cold weather and the coming snow. I will admit that the past few days have been sunny and warm, but the cold is coming...

    Glad I could inspire you to some more fall decorating. Have fun!

  5. Your seasonal decorating is always fun to see.:)I love to decorate for fall but have not done much yet this year.I may still try to get some of my Thanksgiving items out of the attic here before long.I have snowmen that I bring out for the winter months.:)

  6. Thanks, Nikki!

    I truly enjoy decorating for the seasons, and fall is my favorite season. I love the warm and cozy fall colors Mrs. Smith mentioned. Most of the things I have, I've collected over the years. Carrie and others have given me some fall items too, knowing that I wanted to start a collection. Many of the items I've found on clearance after the fall is over.

    When winter comes you need to post some pictures of your snowmen!


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