Monday, October 17, 2011

Timberline Jack's

Recently, a crewel embroidery project I did for a family member many years ago came back into my possession.  It is a bit the worse for wear, but not bad. I thought it might be fun to share this project with you all.  It's a detailed picture of a frontier trading post called Timberline Jack's, a Charles Wysocki design.

A closer look at the false front and signs on the trading post

I love the fur, done in turkey work, and notice the old men playing checkers!

Furs are being traded for blankets here while the pony stands patiently by.  Love the detail in the blankets!

More signage...

The entire picture.  I love how Charles Wyscocki's art tells a story ... maybe more than one!


  1. need to frame it and display it proudly!! I used to do crewel too but none of mine has survived!

  2. I love Charles Wysocki - especially one of his pictures of an autumn town with a field of pumpkins. I think my mom has that print on a puzzle :-)

  3. Thanks, ladies, for visiting my kitchen table to see "Timberline Jack's". How I wish I could paint like Charles Wysocki! Guess this crewel picture will have to do. Thanks for your sweet and thoughtful comments.


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