Monday, October 31, 2011

An easy and fun recipe ~ Sloppy Joe Pizza

(Photo by Taste of Home)

Here's a fun recipe we tried on Friday night when we had several grandchildren around our kitchen table:  Sloppy Joe Pizza.  This recipe, which makes 2 pizzas, was easy and fun to make, and a delicious variation on traditional pizza.  The older two grandchildren, ages 7 and 8, liked this a lot and had seconds.  The younger two, ages 3 and 5, did try it but preferred pepperoni pizza instead. 

We will definitely make this yummy pizza again!


  1. Looks yummy!! Perfect before going out to trick or treat!

  2. It was indeed yummy, Arlene! Very kid-friendly. I served it with oven potato wedges (both white and sweet potatoes) and baby carrots/cucumber slices with ranch dressing.

  3. You make the most delicious sounding recipes.Thank you for sharing.Although,I often leave your kitchen table with stomach growling(if only we could taste)through this screen.:)Have a great week Mrs.T!

  4. Oh, sorry, Nikki! If you ever get to eat at my real kitchen table (and who knows, you just might someday!), you will know that I don't let anyone leave with their stomach growling!

    Hope your family enjoys this recipe if you try it. It could easily be made with homemade pizza dough rather than the refrigerated dough it calls for.

    You have a great week too!


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