Friday, October 07, 2011

Getting the winter's wood in

The wood going in the cellar window
Every spare minute Mr. T has these days he is occupied getting the winter's wood into the cellar.  We have a wood furnace which, with ductwork, vents and forced hot air, heats our entire house.  He cuts and splits wood a couple of years in advance so it has time to get good and dry.  And in the fall, he moves the winter's supply into the cellar.

Granddaughter #2 driving the tractor
When the grandkids are around, he has plenty of help, especially since he devised the system of hauling the wood to the house using a lawn tractor and little trailer.  The photos are from last year, but they tell the same story.  You can see that these photos were taken on a  hot day though, in the summer since the garden is still in place and the girls are wearing shorts.  Not so with today's wood adventure; jackets are the order of the day, and the garden has been harvested due to impending frost.
Granddaughter #1 driving the tractor


  1. It is always such a nice feeling to see that wood getting put in.We live in an old house and heat with wood.I love it when I see that we have plenty of wood to keep us all nice and warm through the colder months.Isn't wood heat such a blessing?I am always so happy to see that you have put up a new post.:)

  2. What helpful grands! I remember helping my daddy stack wood. We kept ours outside as it was not too cold in Ga.

  3. Hi ladies!

    Nikki ~ yes, wood heat is indeed such a blessing! It takes time to get it all ready to burn, of course, but it is worth the time and trouble in the end. I like it that our house can be completely heated with wood using the forced hot air. We do have a smaller wood stove in the kitchen too, which we use mostly in spring and fall when we just need a little heat to take the chill off the house in the morning or evening. I'm glad you enjoy my blog ~ I enjoy yours too! If I ever take too long in putting up a new post, take some time to look around in my archives. Some of the older posts will be "new" to you! You might enjoy checking out my Christmas blog, too.

    Arlene ~ yes, they are very helpful girls. Our grandson Sam is getting big enough to help with wood, too. It's neat that you remember helping your dad stack wood. There's an art to stacking wood, isn't there? We couldn't keep firewood for the current year outside here, as it would get covered with snow and wouldn't burn well.

    Have a wonderful weekend, both of you!


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