Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The view from my balcony

Orange leaves in the background; our wild apple tree is in the foreground.
Late yesterday afternoon I found myself with some free time.  Leftovers were planned for supper and the laundry was all dry and off the clothesline, so I set up one of our camping chairs on our balcony and enjoyed the late afternoon fall sunshine while doing some work on my Sunday School lesson.

The beauty of God's creation surrounded me up there.  Here's one of my favorite little trees out back:
Love the contrast of yellow and gray!

And here's another.  Love that this has red, green, and yellow leaves all on the same tree.

Coffee flavored with pumpkin spice creamer, in an autumn mug, added to the atmosphere.
And here are some more looks at our foliage.  It's not as pretty yet as it will be, but nice anyway.
Looking out toward the road

More red and orange, plus some green and yellow


  1. Beautiful.....the leaves are changing here as well. The Dogwood Trees are just on fire. I love fall!

  2. I love the trees that seem to have all of the colors on them at once - some green, red, yellow, & orange...so, so pretty! I'm glad you had a few quiet moments to relax & enjoy :-)

  3. Ladies,

    Thanks for stopping in and for leaving your sweet comments. Mary Ann, I too love those trees that have many colors at once. Have you noticed that sometimes even individual leaves have a number of colors on them at once?

    I too was thankful for those few quiet moments. Yesterday was a completely quiet day -- a true gift from the Lord. Of course I was busy for most of it, but I am so thankful for the quiet moments and also the small tasks I could accomplish -- things that have been getting set aside for weeks. So far, today promises to be much the same. Praise the Lord ... truly, He provides strength according to the need of each day, and He knows when we need a quiet day.


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