Monday, December 19, 2011

Delights of December Day 18 ~ Christmas Heirlooms

Sorry I am a day late in posting this!  Yesterday was a very busy day.


I was extremely fortunate to have some special Christmas things handed down to me. Oh, they weren’t big, expensive, valuable items. Some would probably call them “trinkets” or even “junk”. But to me they are very precious -- part of my heritage.
I have 2 of these vintage felt snowmen.  See how they resemble snowflakes?  Love the "holly berry" hands & feet, too.
Many years ago my great-aunt gave me some old glass ornaments that had belonged to her and her late husband. Even though the ornaments are faded now and some are chipped, I continue to put them on the tree each year, along with some antique felt snowmen and elves. There were also some of those colored heavy foil reflectors for use with the old-time Christmas lights. On years when we put colored lights on our tree, I still use the reflectors even though our modern lights are much smaller and they have to be put on just so to make them fit.

Here you can see several vintage glass ornaments, plus a felt elf lady and one of the heavy foil reflectors in blue.
The same great-aunt also gave me some wonderful vintage Christmas fabric and a box full of Christmas candles. There were carolers and a lamp post, angels, and other things. I always loved seeing such candles around when I was a child, but it’s hard to imagine actually lighting one of them. (Incidentally, the Vermont Country Store carries such candles, so they’re still available if you know where to look.)
One of my favorites from childhood
My grandmother was a real lover of Christmas, and she kept a good stock of whatever was needed to make the holiday special. She gave me a whole box once of things she was getting rid of -- mostly paper goods -- and in it were some real treasures. I had always marveled that there were actually such things as paper doilies done in Christmas prints. Gram had lots of them -- with holly, poinsettias, and so on. I felt extremely fortunate to find some of those -- several different sizes and prints -- in that box, and for years I used them very sparingly. In the past few years I have found some lovely Christmas paper doilies in the dollar stores and at Target, so they’re still out there.
Gram also gave me a box full of wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags. I have had a wonderful time using these things over the years. I still have some of the ribbon and tags, and included some of the tags and a few snippets of ribbon in the Christmas memory books I’ve made for family members.

What about you? What are your Christmas heirlooms? If you don’t have any, you might like to consider making some special things to hand down to your family.
The plastic reindeer is from my childhood.  Bottle brush tree and glittery house are newer treasures from Gooseberry Patch.


  1. I don't have any ornaments that were passed down, but I have lots that the kids made while growing up. DILs are not interested in their hubby's childish handmades and prefer 'decorator' trees...I prefer the memories. :)
    I pinned the felt snowflake snowman orny to try and replicate next CHristmas. One of my daughters likes an ecclectic tree and hand made so I"d like to start a tradition with her of a new orny every year tied to her present.
    I've enjoyed these Delights of Dec posts very much. THanks for sharing.

  2. I'm with you! I prefer the memories also. My tree is loaded with things made by kids, grandkids, friends, former students, etc. It was special this season to look over the tree with three of my grandkids one afternoon. They were so interested in who had made the various ornaments.

    I need to try making some of those felt snowflake snowmen too. I know I have some of those "holly berry" things from my mother's stash that I could use for hands and feet. Let me know if you make one and how it comes out, okay?

    I am so glad you've enjoyed the December posts. They were fun to do. Most of them were from the archives, but 5 years is a long time and most of them had not been viewed at all, so it's fun to have people enjoying them this year. Thanks for letting me know how much you liked them.


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