Friday, December 30, 2011

Sam's snowflakes

My grandson Sam learned how to make snowflakes this year.   One day he and his brother and sister came to visit us for a few hours and brought along plastic bags full of construction paper snowflakes to show us, all made by Sam except for a few made by his mom.  Later, they went home and hung them all up.   I borrowed this photo from his mom's blog to show you how nice they all look.
(Photo from Life on a Back Road)

But Sam really wanted us to see how he made the snowflakes, so his mom reminded him of how to fold a couple of sheets of construction paper while they were here, and Sam proceeded to make us two red construction paper snowflakes.  They resided on the round oak table in the living room for days.  Finally, I got around to hanging them up, one from each wagon wheel light fixture.

This picture didn't come out too well, but you get the idea.
A much better look at one of Sam's snowflakes.  Isn't it interesting?

Thank you, Sam!  They are some of the most creative snowflakes I have ever seen!


  1. Hi Nikki!

    Aren't they great? I was impressed.

  2. So much fun, isn't it? I would never have thought of making snowflakes from full size, colored construction paper. Leave it to the kids!


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