Sunday, December 04, 2011

Delights of December Day 4 ~ A small but thoughtful care package

Do you have faraway friends you'd like to remember with a little something at Christmas time? Here's what I did one year. The friends I sent this to were so surprised and pleased. I wanted to send them just a taste of Christmas in our home, and they said they really felt a part of our Christmas.

I lined a small (recycled) box with red and green tissue paper, then filled the box with a few things that would give them a taste of our Christmas. Things like:

* A small foil package of holiday fudge

* A small tin of some favorite Christmas cookies

* A homemade packet of spices for hot cider

* Some handmade sparkly heart ornaments -- the ones with bells sewed on, so our friends would hear a festive jingle as they opened the package

* Shreds of red & green paper (the type sold as filler for gift baskets)

* A few little hemlock cones from our woods

* A sprinkle of metallic Christmas confetti

You could include many different things, keeping the emphasis on "small" and "lightweight". Be imaginative and send your friends something that will really help them to feel they are sharing in your Christmas joy. (I buy things like the confetti and the red & green paper shreds when they are on sale at season's end and just store them until the next Christmas.)

A package like this doesn't cost much at all to send, but it is such a nice surprise for your friends to receive!


  1. What a fun idea Mrs T!!

  2. Thanks, Arlene! I thought I would share this early in December so others would have time to send off a little gift to faraway friends if they'd like to.

  3. Hi Mrs.T,
    You have such sweet ideas for your friends.I think this kind of care package would be fun for a friend to receive at any time of year.Thanks for the ideas.I have been thinking on this type of thing alot lately.I liked your ideas.

  4. Hi Nikki,

    I am glad you like the ideas! You're right, it's fun to send or receive a package like this any time of year, or even for no reason at all!


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