Friday, December 30, 2011

Delights of December Day 30 ~ 2 pretty projects using recycled cards and/or gift wrap

Here are two more Christmas-card projects that are quick and easy!  One is a pin, the other an ornament.

For either project, start by finding a small Victorian motif on an old Christmas card, a gift tag,  or a scrap of wrapping paper. (I have seen several wrapping papers that are basically a collage of Victorian motifs.)

Glue the motif to posterboard or thin cardboard and let dry.

Carefully cut around the edges of the motif through both paper and the board it is glued to.

To make a pin, hot-glue a pin back to the back side of the cardboard, centering it near the top.

Coat the front of the motif with mod podge at least three times, letting it dry between coats. If desired, sprinkle glitter on the motif before the last coat of mod podge dries.

When the mod podge is completely dry, glue metallic cord,  braid, or other trim around the outside edge of the glued piece to frame your motif.  Home-Sew is a wonderful source for this sort of trim, and typically sell assortments of it by the bagful.   If you join their Sample Club (which is free to join) they will send you samples to look at every few months, which are available at very good prices indeed.

I made my pin round and ran a thin metallic cord around the outer edge. I was quite pleased with the way it came out, but my son persisted in referring to it as my "panic button" so I didn't wear it too often!
I cut the design for this pin from a gift tag.

For an ornament, you would follow the same steps, only instead of a pin-back, hot-glue a loop of gold cord to the center back of the cardboard near the top.  Take a clump of tinsel or garland and hot-glue it to the center of the ornament at the bottom.  This is a great way to recycle tinsel or garland that has become too worn to use on your tree anymore.
I made my ornaments rectangular or oval, trimmed the edge with decorative cord, and glued a tassel made from tinsel to the bottom center of one ornament. I want to make more of these. The photo shows two of the oval ornaments.

Oval Victorian ornament on the tree

Rectangular ornament on the tree

A second oval ornament on the tree

Obviously, you need not stick with a Victorian theme for these.  I can see them in a lodge/woodsy effect too, trimmed with twigs, little pine cones, greenery, etc.  Hope someone else has fun with these ideas!

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