Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A sparkly winter centerpiece

I came across this beautiful idea on Homespun with Love and immediately knew I had to try it before winter was over.  It's a centerpiece made with these Frosty Pillar Candles

All of the components, other than Mod Podge®, may be found at Dollar Tree.  You may even have things like pillar candles and glass plates already around your house.  I had to buy the candles and plate, but had Epsom salts and Mod Podge already on hand.  The greenery I used is vintage plastic greenery (with a touch of glitter) from the 1950s.  I knew I had been saving that for something!  I gave it the Epsom salts treatment too.  The only word of warning (and this may not bother you, but just in case) is that once you get all three of those candles unwrapped and in close proximity to one another, the aroma is just a bit overwhelming.  It might even be prudent to set the centerpiece outdoors or on a porch for awhile, just to let the scent dissipate for a bit before displaying it. 

Have fun with this idea!  I certainly did, and a friend suggested these would be nice to do in red and pink for Valentine's Day.  I just might have to try that!


  1. So beautiful! I bet they are all sparkly when lit!

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Smith! I must confess I haven't lit them yet, but the blog where I found them did show them lit and they are even more beautiful.


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